Turkish Ice Cream

Discover Turkey and taste elastic Maras ice cream

Super Stretchy Ice Cream

Turkish ice cream is believed to originate from the city of Kahramanmaras. Serving with a knife and a fork, Maras ice cream is the symbol of Turkey. This super stretchy, elastic and cool ice cream is unlike anything you have experienced before.

Turkish Ice Cream

The cool chemistry of delicious flavour. Ice cream is a frozen dessert that is eaten. Full of famous shops serving delicious ice cream, Turkey is a haven for ice cream lovers especially in summer months.

Maras ice cream is commonly known as Turkish ice cream. With its thick and elastic texture, this ice cream is unlike anything you have tasted before. One of the most important ingredients of the Turkish ice cream is goat's milk. Salep is the other important thing gives the Turkish ice cream its incredible creamy flavour. Think vanilla but more much better. When you taste this great ice cream, you will feel very well with this unique flavour dating back to 300 years.

Unique Delicious Dessert

Turkish style Maras ice cream, which is the symbol of Kahramanmaras, is produced with the milk of the goats grazing on the skirts of Ahir Mountain, and the natural salep obtained from the orchid roots. When you have this unique and delicious delicacy for the first time, you will immediately be able to notice the distinct and delightful differences between it and ice cream, as it is known in most countries.

Protected Geographical Indication: Maras ice cream is the Turkish product registered in the European Commission list of protected designations of origins and protected geographical indications, a list that aims to promote and protect the names of quality regional products.

How to Serve

The world famous Turkish ice cream is served with a knife and a fork. Also, you can eat Turkish ice cream with baklava, semolina dessert, chicken breast dessert, profiterole and warm kunefe.

You can easily find ice cream all year round in Turkey.

Super Stretchy Ice Cream
Turkish Ice Cream, Kahramanmaras