Wine Tasting in Istanbul

Discover Istanbul and taste various wines

Wine Tastes of Istanbul

Istanbul is full of great places offering a taste of local or imported wines. Below is a mix of wine houses and wine bars with good wine lists that focus on Turkish wine. Let's start our journey in Istanbul to enjoy a wonderful wine tasting tour.


Istanbul was one of greatest wine cities of the world in Byzantine times with different wines that were carried to the city from the Aegean, Thrace and Anatolia. The situation has not changed that much though. Still best wines of Turkey are found in Istanbul and this great variety comes from different parts of the country.

Wine Tours

Istanbul is a specialist in intimate, unforgettable wine and food attractions. The city offers small, semi-private and private wine tastings and excursions to explore the noteworthy wines of Turkey. The passionate and sophisticated wine experts will ensure you experience the best wine tasting courses and tours.

You can start your tour with the visit of wine related exhibits in Archaeological Museum of Istanbul.

Then you can attend to a commented tasting session with different wines produced from native grapes of Turkey and finish the day with the tasting of modem style Turkish wines produced with international grapes.

Wine Houses

If you are a real wine lover, you can visit the wine houses in Istanbul where you can find delicious and various wines. In addition to great meals, these places offer you to attend wine tastings and to buy most valuable wines in Turkey. The best wine houses of Istanbul are generally located in districts such as Beyoglu, Sisli and Kadikoy. Some of the places to drink wine have a very modern concept, while others serve in a historical atmosphere.

Here are few of the best wine tasting spots that would give you the chance to taste best of the Turkish wines;

  • Pano Wine House
  • Viktor Levi Moda
  • Sensus Wine & Food
  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • Incirli Winery
  • Hazzo Pulo Restaurant & Winery
  • Kav Wine Butik
  • Solera Winery
  • Moda Teras Winery
  • La Mancha Wine House
  • Corvus Wine & Bite
  • Suvla Bistro Wine Bar

If you prefer to taste local wine, make sure to stop by one of the historic wine houses at Pera, Istanbul.

Wine Tastes of Istanbul
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