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4 Great Videos from Turkey's Thrace Region

Welcome to Thrace. Thrace is just by the side of Istanbul. Come and experience the sports, arts, taste, nature and people. These videos are presented by the official Youtube channel of Thrace Development Agency.

The Nature and The People

Thrace is beautiful, life is well, nature is great and the people are very happy. Thrace, a true living experience. Come and experience the beautiful nature and the warm people in Thrace part of our country.

The Sports

View a different side of the rich natural environment of Thrace with sports that will help you explore the landscape throughout the year. Come and discover the sports activities in Thrace region of Turkey.

The Arts

Handwork or technology? We think the art is embroidered by crafty hands. Come to discover the beautiful traditional handicrafts of Turkey's Thrace region.

The Taste

The traditional dishes of Thrace will take you on a delightful journey of taste; a try will convince even the most demanding taste buds. Come and follow the steps of wine production at some of the best wineries in Turkey.