10 Summer Holiday Destinations

Discover Izmir and popular holiday destinations

Izmir's 10 Popular Holiday Destinations

Izmir, one of Turkey's best tourist destinations, is famous with its beautiful holiday resorts. For those who want to swim, sunbathe and spend plenty of good time, we have listed the 10 popular summer holiday destinations around Izmir.

The North of Izmir

Dikili: Dikili, one of the unspoiled holiday destinations of Izmir, is a lovely summer town for those who want to quiet and peaceful holiday with its small villages, fish restaurants, beautiful bays, sandy beaches and historical values. The town of Dikili is full in summer, although it is not very crowded in winter.

Foca: Foca, about 70 km northwest of Izmir, is another summer holiday destination which attracts visitors every summer with its sea, sun and sandy beaches. The town is considered a natural heaven and home to Mediterranean monk seals which are in danger of extinction.

The South of Izmir

Ozdere: Ozdere, the paradise corner of Aegean, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Izmir. This charming and peaceful town welcomes hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers every summer with its lush green nature, bays, fresh air, quiet atmosphere, 40 km of coastline and blue flag beaches.

Gumuldur: Located in the south of Izmir, Gumuldur impresses the visitors with its blue flag beaches, tourist attractions and beautiful geography where green and blue meet. Gumuldur is preferred by people who want a quieter holiday instead of a lively nightlife.

The West of Izmir

Seferihisar: Seferihisar is the first slow town of Turkey, located in Izmir province in the Aegean region. The town is surrounded by the historical treasures and green nature. Seferihisar makes you feel the Aegean spirit closer.

Cesme: Cesme, being one of the popular tourist destinations in the Aegean region, welcomes thousands of tourists for its natural beauty and tourism potential in summer months. Beaches, thermal springs, clean sea with alternating temperatures at different coast bays protected from winds, provide an important advantage in terms of tourism.

Alacati: One of the most famous spots in the world for windsurfing, Alacati is a lovely Aegean town with cobble stone roads, centuries old windmills, orchards of gum trees, narrow streets, picturesque stone houses, shining sun and clean beaches. The nightlife in Alacati is absolutely on a par with world standards.

Urla: Urla is one of the most special holiday places of Izmir with its lovely atmosphere, big and small bays, 12 islands. This charming town is also home to Liman Tepe, the oldest known port of the Aegean Sea.

Karaburun: Karaburun, one of the most virgin holiday resorts of Izmir, is located along the shore of the Aegean Sea. The town has a calm atmosphere, is also the homeland of the fragrant narcissus flowers. Karaburun is a place frequently visited by holidaymakers who want to escape from the crowds during the summer with its untouched bays, sandy beaches and cliffs.

Mordogan: Mordogan is one of the coolest small coastal towns near Izmir with its unspoiled nature, historical ruins, clear sea and high oxygen level.

Izmir's 10 Popular Holiday Destinations
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