10 Prettiest Turkish Villages

Discover Turkey and its charming villages

Turkey's 10 Most Beautiful Villages

There are many villages in our country that are famous for their peaceful environments and breathtaking beauties. Here are 10 mesmerizing villages from the different regions of Turkey for travelers who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Sirince is a very beautiful Aegean village with its stone houses, local culinary and mesmerizing view. Its narrow streets decorated with beautiful flowers make this village a very special place for instagrammers. The picturesque village of Sirince offers a beautiful and serene atmosphere to relax and spend a few days while wandering the gorgeous streets.


Imagine a village with only 250 inhabitants located at the foot of the Taurus, about 50 km from Isparta. Kuyucak, which is a fairytale village full of endless lavender fields adorned with purple flowers, has an amazing scenery. The aroma of Kuyucak's lavender fields is like nothing you have ever experienced before. More than the colours, it is the scent of Kuyucak's lavender gardens that will fill you with wonder.


The village of Doganbey which is situated within the borders of Soke, a borough with fruitful lands in the Aegean region, are almost like a door that leads to calmness. There are also houses that belong to celebrities who prefer a peaceful environment in the village. Here, you can engage in photography, write, paint or lives your experiences to the fullest.


Situated on the slopes of Bozdag in Izmir, Birgi is a very cute village with its lush green geography, beautiful stone houses, centuries old plane trees and 3000 years of history. The village is also a great alternative for those who want to have a village breakfast, breathe fresh air and travel through history. Birgi has been on the UNESCO Tentative List since 2012.


Located near Demre district of Antalya province in the Mediterranean region, Ucagiz is a charming seaside village that you will fall in love with its magnificent view and authentic atmosphere. It is one of the most beautiful and peaceful destinations in the world as it has not been fully explored yet.


One of the villages under protection in Turkey, Yoruk is a beautiful settlement where you can see the best examples of typical Safranbolu houses. The village is an ideal holiday alternative for the weekend with its famous local dishes and lovely relaxed atmosphere. It is located in the Black Sea region, 12 km east of Karabük province.


One of the most popular places in the Southeastern Anatolia region, Savasan is a half sunken village. It is famous with a iconic mosque minaret nearly underwater and its historical houses with different architecture.


An old Georgian village in Borcka district of Artvin province, Maral is known for its gorgeous nature with endemic flora and fauna. You can camp over the Macahel Valley and collect honey by visiting the beekeepers near the village.


If you are looking for a calm, warm and friendly atmosphere in intertwined with nature and history, Adatepe is for you. This uniquely beautiful village of Canakkale is also a place distinguished by both its aesthetic and vision.


Known as Sinasos in ancient times, Mustafapasa is one of the prettiest villages to visit in Turkey. The village leads us to the remnants of a very different age with its beautiful houses and churches carved in stone. It is located 6 km from Urgup, Cappadocia.

Turkey's 10 Most Beautiful Villages
Ucagiz Village, Demre, Antalya