12 Beautiful Islands in Fethiye

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Fethiye's Breathtaking Islands

Enjoy a leisurely day sailing in the crystal clear waters of Gocek or visiting 12 beautiful islands in the Gulf of Fethiye. The breathtaking scenery of these 12 islands really makes you feel as if you are a million miles away.

Gulf of Fethiye

The Gulf of Fethiye is a branch of the Mediterranean Sea in southwestern Turkey. The towns of Fethiye and Gocek are situated around the gulf. It is bounded on the west by Cape Kurdoglu and on the east by Cape Iblis. It is a popular area for tourism and yachting. If you want to take a boat trip around Gocek and Fethiye, 12 Islands tour is the ultimate in relaxation for all the family. All routes enable you to visit the most magnificent and scenic bays and islands of Turkey.

Sovalye Island: Sovalye Island is a common summer resort for local visitors from Fethiye. Sovalye Island, which is a gateway to Fethiye, is regularly serviced by boats.

Kizil Island: Kizil Island, which attracts visitors with its unique sunset, is named after it turns red during sunset. The lighthouse on the southern point of the island provides nostalgic and romantic moments for trippers.

Katrancik Island: Katrancik Island is one of the most frequently visited places by nature lovers who come to Fethiye to camp. There are no hotels on this island. With this feature, Katrancik Island is an indispensable place for those who want to spend time in nature. Surrounded by pine trees on all sides, the island is also one of the important points for hobby fishing.

Gocek Islands

After Gocek, there are 5 islands namely Gocek Island, Yassica Islands, Zeytin Island, Tersane Island and Domuz Island. These pretty isolated islands, which are surrounded by historical and natural beauties, are wonderful spots for blue voyage.

Gocek Island: If you are a person who likes swimming in calm sea and spending peaceful time in nature, you should definitely visit Gocek Island, a natural wonder covered with pine trees. You can easily reach the beautiful bays of the island by boat.

Yassica Islands: Yassica consists of a few small islands with a small pond. These islands are the best spots for those who want to enjoy scuba diving, blue cruise or simply swimming.

Zeytin Island: Zeytin Island is the only privately owned island in the area. It is home to a workshop containing an olive oil press remaining from the Ottoman period.

Domuz Island: Domuz Island is sheltered from the winds. On the south of Domuz Island is the narrow inlet to the Gobun Cove which is an excellent anchorage surrounded by hills covered with olive orchards and pine woods. You can visit rock tombs and ancient remains.

Tersane Island: Tersane Island is the largest island in the bay, old Greek settlement, a stopover spot for day tripping boats as well as yachts on blue cruise. Along the shore are small wooden docks and rustic restaurants serving yachts. It is separated from Domuz Island by a narrow channel to the west. The triangular island has a surface area of about 2,5 km2. There are three small bays.

Fethiye's Breathtaking Islands
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