20 Best Reasons to Visit Datca

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Why You Need to Visit Datca

Datca is Turkey's less known but beautiful peninsula, located in Mugla province. In Datca, you will find peaceful beaches, old villages and plenty of undisturbed nature. Here are the reasons why you should travel to Datca this summer.

Datca Peninsula

According to the ancient geographer Strabo, Datca is a place where God will send his most beloved servant so as to ensure a long life for him.

Datca Peninsula forms the boundary between the Gokova Bay and the Mediterranean. One part of this peninsula extends towards the Mediterranean, the other part towards the Aegean. Knidos, as this peninsula was once known, is a veritable spring of oxygen.

Why you should visit the remote port town of Datca;

Visit the bays where nature and sea meet, swim in the turquoise waters. Watch the sunset in Datca, from the top of hills to the heart of bays and sea. Wander through the lovely streets of old Datca, buy beautiful gifts from the shops, remember the poet Can Yucel. Lie on the seaside or hillsides, watch the stars, make wishes and fall asleep on the spot. Taste the cinnamon breads, honey, almonds, marzipan, wines and olive oils.

Interesting Reasons to Go to Datca

  • Old Datca Streets and Traditional Stone Houses.
  • Knidos Ancient City.
  • Coves (Kargi, Domuzcukuru, Hayitbuku, Ovabuku, Kurubuk, Palamutbuku, Kizilbuk, Balikasiran, Akvaryum).
  • Aktur Holiday Village & Camping & Beach.
  • Beautiful beaches, secluded coves and bays.
  • Perili Bay and Gebekum Beach.
  • Apollon Sanctuary (Emecik Archaic Temple).
  • Healing Lake of Ilica, Kizlan Village Windmills.
  • Burgaz Ruins and Old Knidos.
  • Resadiye Mosque, Cumali Cesmekoy Mosque.
  • Outdoor Activities (Windsurfing, Diving, Trekking, Sailing, Blue Voyage).
  • Rich Underwater Treasures.
  • Datca Vineyards and Wines, Olive Farms and Olive Oils.
  • Datca Harbour, Kormen Yacht Marina.
  • Traditional Datca Cuisine, Local Markets and Products.
  • Republic Square, Amphitheatre, Art Street and Festivals.
  • Almond Blossom Festival.
  • Knidos Art and Culture Academy.
  • Can Yucel (Modern Turkish Poet).
  • Hizirsah (Valley, Hacetevi Hill, Mosque, Church, Silk Weaving Workshop).
Why You Need to Visit Datca
Knidos Lighthouse, Datca