3 North Aegean Islands to Visit

Discover Turkey and North Aegean islands

Turkish North Aegean Islands

The North Aegean islands are a number of disconnected islands in the north Aegean Sea, belonging a few of them to Turkey. The islands do not form a physical chain or group, but are frequently grouped together for tourist or administrative purposes.

Bozcaada (Tenedos)

Bozcaada, which is one of the two peaceful islands of Canakkale province, is the only island without a village. While you are approaching the island by ferry, you will be very impressed with the castle and port.

The bunch of grapes seen on the coins of ancient Tenedos is a sign that viticulture dates back to ancient times on the island. You should definetely attend Bozcaada Vintage Festival and stay in vineyard houses. Bozcaada's coves, beaches and narrow streets are very famous. Liman Bay, Degirmenler Bay, Poyraz Harbour, Canak Harbour, Capraz Harbour, Kocatarla Harbour, Lagor Harbour, Ayana Harbour, Ayazma Bay, Sulubahce Bay and Habbeli Bay are among the most beautiful bays and ports of the island.

You can participate in many diving tours, swim in the sea and enjoy the clean bays. Ayazma Beach is worth seeing with its long sandy beach and deep blue sea.

Gokceada (Imbros)

As well as being Turkey's largest island, Gokceada is the world's first and only island with the title of Cittaslow.

The Farmers Market, held every Monday throughout the year, is the meeting point for island residents and visitors. The island, which receives winds for most of the year, is the fourth island in the world in terms of water resources. Gokceada is a passageway for sea creatures between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Therefore, it offers many alternatives for anglers and diving enthusiasts. You can stay alone in nature and have a chance to swim with the fish in the less known virgin bays. The island is worth seeing place with its privileged natural beauties such as Marmaros Waterfall, Peynir Rocks, Tuz Lake and Kuzu Harbour.

Alibey (Cunda)

Cunda Island is also known as Alibey Island. As you explore Cunda, you will feel as if you are traveling back in time for more than 100 years.

The back streets of Cunda are full of traditional Ottoman Greek houses, which cluster around the huge Taxiyarhis Church. The waterfront is lined with restaurants and cafes, including the lovely Tas Kahve. You can reach this island by a bridge from the road. There are boat cruises every hour during the summer from Ayvalik to Alibey Island. It is an immense pleasure watching the amazing bays from the higher spots of this island which is ideal for neoclasscial fans and those who love a quiet time in nature. A must in the island is dinner at fish restaurants which serve the best of sea delicacies, herb dishes made with olive oil and a famous fish called papalina.

Turkish North Aegean Islands
Bozcaada (Tenedos), Canakkale