4 Most Stunning Seaside Towns

Discover Izmir and charming coastal towns

Izmir's 4 Most Charming Coastal Towns

Izmir is full of beautiful seaside towns for the Aegean lovers. The coastal towns of Cesme, Foca, Urla and Alacati will seduce you with their shining sun, bright blue seas, beaches, traditional characters and peaceful auras for a happy holiday.


Izmir, the heart of the Aegean, has many beautiful seaside towns where you can swim in azure waters of the Aegean Sea such as an aquarium, live in peace and enjoy fresh seafood. These towns along the shore offer all the blessings of nature to their guests and make people happy.

Every corner of Izmir is beautiful from the north to the south, but we think that some places are more beautiful.

Famous with nature, sea, fairly sophisticated history, rich culture, bougainvillea flowers, narrow cobblestoned streets, windmills, well preserved architecture, unique cuisine, entertainment and nightlife, here we have listed the 4 most cool beach towns near Izmir for you.

Aegean Style Beach Towns

Cesme: Cesme is a wonderful place for those who love the sea, sun, beach and luxury with its 30 km long coastline.

This gorgeous coastal town, which is one of the most favourite holiday resorts of Izmir, is famous for its colourful nightlife, beach club parties, thermal waters, health spas, windsurf centers, golden colour sandy beaches, special seafood, delicious Aegean cuisine, culture and tourism.

Alacati: Alacati, which is one of the most preferred resort towns in recent years with its clean waters as well as its enjoyable nightlife, is a very ideal spot for windsurfing. This lovely town fascinates visitors with its famous herb festival, blue-white stone houses, beautiful streets adorned with bougainvillea, colourful boutique hotels, windmills, shops, cafes and chic restaurants.

Urla: Urla, which is among the closest holiday places to Izmir, is one of the most preferred destinations by local people for holidays. This lovely seaside town is 35 km away from Izmir and one of the best places for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Foca: Famous for its narrow streets, windmills, stray cats and traditional stone houses, Foca is 70 km away from Izmir. It is an untouched place and almost like a valuable painting. Foca, which was an Ionian settlement in ancient times, was named Phokaia because of the seals here, and its name changed into Foca.

Izmir's 4 Most Charming Coastal Towns
Colourful Streets, Alacati, Izmir