6 Gastronomic Cities for Foodies

Discover Turkey and best culinary destinations

Turkey's Best Culinary Destinations

Turkey's every city has its own unique food culture but we have selected the 6 best gastronomy cities for you. If you are looking for unique and authentic experiences, be inspired and plan your culinary vacation in these best gastronomic destinations.


When we think of authentic Turkish foods there is only one place for it. Gaziantep, the food capital city of the world and member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. The city is well known for its long and vibrant gastronomic history. This rich cuisine consists of unique tastes and includes about 500 different types of dishes.

Come to Gaziantep, discover its great and vibrant gastronomy culture, taste the traditional foods and drinks of Gaziantep, join the Gaziantep International Gastronomy Festival.


Located in a fertile geography due to climate and soil conditions, Izmir has a product range that can be seen in a very few places of the world. You will find a taste from different cultures on each plate in Izmir, the capital of Aegean cuisine. The thousands of years tradition and today's expertise introduce Izmir cuisine to the world. With these characteristics and luscious gastronomy culture, Izmir is a member city of World Gourmet Cities Network.


Hatay is famous for its rich and delicious culinary culture, has been designated as a city of gastronomy by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. The city boasts almost 600 local tastes as food and drink. Hatay has a world class cuisine, and it would be an exciting experience to savour this food culture and relish the fresh flavours that it brings to the dining table.


Istanbul is a great city and really wonderful place for gourmet travelers. You can find numerous restaurants in the city offering a wide selection from delicious street foods, traditional Turkish cuisine, phenomenal flavours of the royal Ottoman cuisine and other internationally renowned cuisines. Istanbul is a melting point of cultures, and all these influences pleasantly affect the food scene.


Konya's long historical background, the capital city culture and being the center of the mysticism reveal the existence of a very rich culinary culture. Restaurants in Konya, which serve exquisite examples of Seljuk cuisine as well as 13th century Mevlevi cuisine, are very popular especially during Ramadan.


It is not possible to forget Trabzon which offers you great tastes from the north of our country. With its many traditional dishes, Trabzon has one of the most unique and delicious cuisines in the Black Sea region. Also, there are lots of restaurants in different parts of the city where you can try local flavours.

Turkey's Best Culinary Destinations
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