7 Best Places to Go near Istanbul

Discover Istanbul and best hidden treasures

Hidden Treasures around Istanbul

Istanbul offers plenty of secret corners, first time experiences and beautiful places to visit and see. But if you have time the environs of Istanbul provide to its visitors a historical, natural and culinary discovery experience.

The Environs of Istanbul

The environs of Istanbul and the Marmara Region are replete with historical and natural beauties that are accessible from Istanbul daily.

Signs of Roman and Greek culture are widespread, while Bursa and Edirne, two capital cities of the Ottoman Empire, offer a journey with a more oriental flavour.

The Marmara Region is an attractive destination for sun and sea tourism and offers plenty of accommodation facilities. Natural beauties that attracted members of many civilizations throughout history to these regions still draw people towards them.

Villages around Istanbul are likely to attract nature lovers.

Princes' Islands

Princes' Islands are a group of nine islands off the Asian coast of Istanbul. The islands in this chain are Buyukada, Heybeliada, Burgazada, Kinaliada, Sedefadasi, Silivriada, Yassiada, Kasik Island and Tavsan Island.

Villages & Towns

Kilyos: A village located in the Sariyer district of Istanbul, Kilyos is also well known seaside resort whose sandy beaches attract visitors throughout the summer. Especially at the weekends, big parties are organized. Kilyos hosts various concerts and festivals and there are several accommodation alternatives here.

Polonezkoy: A kind of charming European village, Polonezkoy is an ideal site for long walks, excursions and sampling some of the delicious food. Firstly settled by Polish people, Polish traditions can still be observed in the village.

Sile: Sile is a small coastal town in Istanbul with its sandy beaches, good hotels and restaurants. This lovely summer resort is also a preferred meeting destination for companies. The small fishermen's harbour is also worth seeing.

Agva: Agva is an old village 100 km from Istanbul, not far from Sile, situated between the Goksu and Agva rivers. Natural beauties and a vast beach make Agva a getaway destination, especially in spring and winter.

Sapanca: Sapanca, which is a true beauty with its stunning natural environments, is a small and green lakeside town just 1,5 hours from Istanbul by bus or train. Just above Sapanca is the Kartepe ski resort, which makes this district an attraction in winter.

Belgrade Forest

Belgrade Forest is the largest forest near Istanbul, inland from the Black Sea. The forest's golf course, equestrian center and arboretum are popular for those searching these kind of attractions.

Hidden Treasures around Istanbul
Kilimli Cove, Agva, Istanbul