8 Small Ottoman Towns to Visit

Discover Turkey and elegant Ottoman towns

Traditional Ottoman Towns

This is a list of the most popular traditional Ottoman towns which are famous with their traditional houses, local people and elegant architecture. When you visit these towns you will feel like you have stepped back in time.


Goynuk, which is a former Ottoman town preserving its historical and cultural heritage, is also a member of the cittaslow network. With its beautiful landscape and unique stunning architecture, Goynuk is truly one of the great places to visit in the Black Sea region of Turkey.


UNESCO named Safranbolu to the World Heritage List because of its well preserved Ottoman era houses and architecture. Wander through the narrow streets, stay in a picturesque home and visit the private museum. Safranbolu is filled with an array of historical structures; mosques, tombs, fountains, Turkish baths and a still operating caravanserai. With more than 800 historical mansions, Safranbolu will take you back to the Ottoman era.


Tirilye is a first level protected area since 1980 because of the Byzantine and Ottoman architectural monuments and is considered as an open air museum thanks to the historical buildings and houses. Known as an old Greek settlement in the history, the town is a paradise with its intimate atmosphere and natural beauties, although it is quite small.


Tarakli, which is an elegant Ottoman town, takes its name from the production of combs carved from boxwood. This historic and authentic town deserves greatly its title of slow city for its lovely Ottoman mansions, wooden houses, vibrant neighbourhood culture and pristine nature. In Tarakli, you will be realized that everything you liked during your childhood are still here with all its liveliness.


A town of incredible natural beauty, fascinating history and colourful folklore, Mudurnu arguably has something for everyone. Mudurnu houses are definitely worth seeing and under protection have similar characteristics with the Goynuk houses on the historical Silk Road.


Kula is a unique settlement waiting to be discovered, famous for its historical wooden houses, adorable cobbled streets, healing hot springs, vineyards, mosques, tombs and volcanic hills. It is located in the Aegean region of Turkey.


Built on steep slopes and valleys, the old town of Beypazari is extremely picturesque with its marketplace, traditional houses and natural landscape. Century old Beypazari houses have typical characteristics of Ottoman and Turkish architecture.


At the narrow streets of Cumalikizik time comes to a standstill. When you step into this UNESCO recognized Ottoman village, you will go back 700 years, because this stunning village is still alive as it has been for centuries. Cumalikizik offers you picture perfect wooden houses, authentic Ottoman culture nd idyllic nature.

Traditional Ottoman Towns
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