8 Wonderful Reasons to Visit Akyaka

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Why You Need to Visit Akyaka

Famous for its authentic houses, Akyaka is a beautiful coastal township in the Aegean region of Turkey. It is a unique place for visitors who want to spend a relaxing holiday in a lush green environment.

Seaside Resort

Akyaka is a small and popular seaside resort with its natural beauty, historical background, exotic beaches, crystalline sea water, green mountains, elegant private architecture and sustainable quality of life. It is very popular with Turkish holidaymakers.

Award Winning Architecture

Akyaka has an award winning architecture. Here, each house is detached, and most were designed with lovely wooden balconies and overhanging roofs in a way that makes them look both modern and historic at the same time. These octagonal shaped houses have intricately carved wooden ceilings, traditional balconies and window frames.

Cittaslow Town

Situated at the eastern end of Gulf of Gokova, Akyaka is a cittaslow town that distributes happiness with its mountains covered with pine forests, crystal clear waters as an aquarium, beaches worthy of queens and houses that keep the old Mugla architecture alive.

Nature Sports

Akyaka's geographical location allows you to participate in many types of nature sports such as windsurfing, sea kayaking, biking, rock climbing, sailing, paragliding, rafting, walking and riding.


There is a huge camping area in the heart of Akyaka for nature lovers and you can stay as long as you want for a certain fee. The camping area is very close to the sea.


Akyaka is one of the best options for water sports activities especially kitesurfing. 3 km long shallow, sandy beach and steady winds that flow from the west towards the beach for six months facilitate this activity here.

Azmak River

Azmak River runs down through fields to the seafront where there is a small sandy beach. You can take a dream boat tour on the river or have fun in the waters of Azmak River. If you wish, you can dine with your loved ones against the sunset and enjoy the calm atmosphere.

Beautiful Beaches

Akyaka is surrounded by fragrant eucalyptus trees. Akyaka Beach, Akcapinar Beach, Hayitli Beach and Cinar Beach are the best places to swim in the surrounding area. Those who are looking for calmness may prefer Akbuk Bay, Degirmenbuku and Kufre Bay.

Why You Need to Visit Akyaka
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