Alacati Town

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A Charming Aegean Town

Alacati is one of the cutest towns on the Aegean coast of Turkey with its renovated stone houses, charming boutique hotels, dining and entertainment venues that overspill to the streets, and golden beaches with world famous windsurfing experience.


If you stop at the silhouettes of ancient windmills against the sky while driving on the Izmir - Cesme highway, it will mean that you are approaching Alacati.

Known as the pearl of Turkey, Alacati is extremely popular holiday destination on the Aegean coastline of Izmir, with its winding cobblestone streets leading up to the turquoise waters, wonderful local cuisine all its own, warm breezes and floral scents. It is known for its beaches, old stone houses and winemaking tradition.

Alacati, which is a seaside town you have been dreaming of, is located on Turkey's Cesme Peninsula, on the Aegean Sea.

Spend your summer vacation in this authentic Aegean town and pamper yourself with its crystal clear water, windsurfing opportunities, vineyards and nightclubs by the seaside.

To Be Happy

When you wake up to a brand new day in Alacati, there will be only one thing on your agenda. To be happy. With its authentic restaurants, ancient windmills, tastefully decorated historic boutique hotels, world renowned entertainment districts, awe-inspiring shores and beaches, Alacati will warm up your soul and put a smile on your face.

Colourful Streets

Historic Mastic Tree: In the middle of the town of Alacati is a 200-year-old mastic tree. The roots of this protected tree evoke the history of this popular seaside town, both figuratively and literally. Every traveler would like to have the opportunity to photograph this majestic tree.

Cobblestone Streets & Stone Houses: As you wander in this small town, you will see that the main features of Alacati are its narrow cobblestone streets and two-story stone houses. An interesting feature of these houses is not only their ages, but also the fact that they are built of cut stones, which is called Alacati Stones and which looks like pumice stones. These stones are quite fragile and become stronger when interacting with carbon dioxide. This means that houses are warm in the winter and cold in the summer.

Fragrant Flowers: Bougainvillea, black pepper trees, mastic trees, mimosas and fragrant jasmines will treat you both with their smell and sight.

Alacati Cuisine

After a walk through the colourful and beautiful streets of Alacati, it is time to relax a bit and enjoy the Aegean cuisine.

Alacati treats its guests to an excellent feast with everything from main courses to snacks and desserts. The famous kumru is a special sandwich unique to the region. Many flavours ranging from the speciality of the region, artichoke to Aegean appetisers and olive oil dishes are prepared and served here, accompanied by excellent local wine. If you wish to indulge yourself, don't forget to taste local desserts such as mastic milk pudding and mastic ice cream, or delicious cookies and traditional beverages.


Abundant wind over the blue waters makes Alacati an ideal spot particularly for water sports. When one mentions Alacati, the first thing that comes to mind is windsurfing. It is the most interesting and unique surfing area in Europe. Covered with untouched nature, this place is located in a V-shaped cove with crysal clear water. With its various wind conditions and ideal surfing areas, it is considered one of the best windsurfing spots in the world. The most prominent feauture of Alacati is the soft gentle wind blowing from the west, which even in violent formations, creates regular waves. The water is quite shallow. Grab your windsurfing gear and enjoy Turkey's best-kept secret.

A Charming Aegean Town
Colourful Streets, Alacati, Izmir