Black Sea Coast of Turkey

Discover Turkey and untouched Black Sea coast

Turkey's Black Sea Coast

The Black Sea coast of Turkey is famous with its green forests, traditional wooden houses, extraordinary plateaus, also untouched beautiful beaches. The air is mild and the sea flows milky white to deep turquoise and black under storm clouds.

Black Sea

The landscape of Black Sea coast is a rich weave of greens, the air is mild and the sea flows milky white to deep turquoise and black under storm clouds. The all people are friendly, more outgoing than other Turkish people, enjoy life and want everyone else to do the same. The food is fresh, tasty and inexpensive.

Turkey's Black Sea coast is famous with its humid and green forests, traditional wooden houses, extraordinary plateaus and untouched beautiful beaches.

The area is never crowded because cloud is more common than sun, and the sea water is chilly. That is very good for the adventurous people who come here for a few days to savour its deep history, dramatic beauty and special cuisine.

Delightful Trips and Experiences

Black Sea region is very mountainous and is heavily forested, while the highest parts of the mountains are covered with alpine meadows, glacier lakes and glaciers.

The coastline is a popular travel spot especially among locals tourist and former Russian republics. But in these days, it is home to lots of visitors all over the world. A delightful trip through the landscape includes series of peaceful beaches along the seashore, exciting fishing villages, coves that lie along the coast, fields of tea, tobacco, hazelnut and corn, the lush green highlands, and of course unexpected experiences.

Western Black Sea Coast: If you simply want to laze on the sand without any other activities, you will find plenty of opportunities on the western coast of the Black Sea. Samsun, Sinop, Amasra, Kerpe, Akcakoca, Sile, Abana, Gerze, Inkumu, Igneada, Kiyikoy and Kilyos are some amazing Turkish coastal destinations that you have never heard of.

Eastern Black Sea Coast: The eastern coast of the Black Sea attracts less visitors than the western coast, but there are lovely coastal destinations to go such as Trabzon, Ordu, Unye, Tirebolu.

Popular Small Towns: With its mild climate and unique nature, plenty of visitors prefer the Black Sea for summer vacations. Lush green plateaus and dark blue sea are great for those who travel along the Black Sea coast.

Turkey's Black Sea Coast
Kale Beach, Akcakoca, Duzce