Coastline of Turkey

Discover Turkey and beautiful coastal areas


Mediterranean Shores

Turkish Turquoise Riviera

Turkish Riviera of Turkey

The Turkish Riviera is an area of southwest Turkey, the most stunning part of Turkey's Mediterranean and Aegean coasts with its perfect sun, clean beaches, ultra luxury resorts, charming nature and ancient history.

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Turkey's Eastern Mediterranean Coast

Eastern Mediterranean Coast

The Eastern Mediterranean shore is made up of the Mediterranean's least well known shores and of inlets that have yet to be discovered. It offers a fascinating cultural legacy, interesting sights and good beaches.

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Kalkan Coastline of Turkey

Turkey's Kalkan Coastline

Sophisticated resorts providing an authentic experience, in the midst of history and stunning nature. Kalkan, which has a unique ambience, is one of the most lovely coastal areas in Turkey.

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Turkish Turquoise

South Aegean Shores

Fethiye Coastline of Turkey

Fethiye Coastline

Fethiye is one of the best coastal regions in Turkey, famous with its crystal clear sea, blue sky, unique geography and friendly locals. There are numerous lovely inlets and secret coves for relaxing.

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Turkey's Bodrum Peninsula

Bodrum Peninsula

A world renowned holiday peninsula, Bodrum is a paradise, known for its sea, natural beauty, magnificent coves and history, as well as for its modern nightlife where the show goes on until sunrise.

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Dalyan Coast of Turkey

Dalyan Coast

Dalyan is a small lovely town on the southwestern coast of Turkey. Dalyan is also perfect place for a relaxed family holiday on a river delta with its narrow waterways surrounded by reed beds.

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Loryma Peninsula of Turkey

Bozburun Peninsula

The Loryma peninsula is one of southwest Turkey's most scenic regions. Beautiful coastline, olive groves, pine forests, friendly people, good fresh foods and delicious local wines.

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More Inspirational Shores

North Aegean Coast of Turkey

Turkey's North Aegean Coast

The North Aegean coast of Turkey is beautiful, historic and agriculturally rich. The coastline offers the long stretches of lovely, sandy and child friendly beaches surrounded by pine and olive clad hills.

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Turkey's Black Sea Coast

Black Sea Coast of Turkey

The Black Sea coast of Turkey is famous with its green forests, traditional wooden houses, extraordinary plateaus, also untouched beautiful beaches. The air is mild and the sea flows milky white to deep turquoise and black under storm clouds.

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