Datca Town

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An Idyllic Aegean Port

The historic Turkish town of Datca is one of the most preferred holiday resorts for people who want to get away from the crowds. With its calm beaches, ancient ruins and rustic seafood restaurants, Datca is ready to offer you an unforgettable holiday.

Life in the Slow Lane

If you are in a hurry, what are you doing in Datca? This is the motto to which residents of this quaint Turkish coastal town have been living to decades. In fact, this motto depicts this charming town so well that it has recently been adopted as the town's official slogan. It is true that Datca is not the kind of place you visit in a hurry. With pristine beaches and hidden coves, pine covered hills, olive and almond groves, and quaint villages filled with stone houses, it is best to experience this serene town as its residents do; slowly but surely.

As one of Turkey's most unspoiled seaside towns, Datca is a real hidden gem. Situated at the junction of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, it has maintained its charm as an idyllic Aegean port city for centuries. The 80 km long peninsula is situated in the city of Mugla.

The historic town of Datca doesn't take life too seriously, and neither should you.

Coves and Beaches

The Datca Peninsula has pristine coves, bays and beaches, nine of which carry the distinguished blue flag. In Datca, you can enjoy the luxury of swimming right in the town centre. Taslik, Kumluk and Hastanealti are all blue flag certified beaches, located in the town centre and open to public.

New Datca

New Datca on the southern shore is the main settlement. It is also where the town's heart beats. You can find a myriad of hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars along the shore which is called the Path of Love.

Another surprise in new Datca is Lake Ilica, a small freshwater lake filled with fish and ducks. Situated in the middle of the Path of Love, this lake, also known as the Byzantine Pool, are believed to have therapeutic waters.

Walk a little further and you will arrive at the Yacht Harbour. Sampling fresh fish and seafood caught in the area is a must at the restaurants around the harbour. The amphitheatre overlooking the sea is home to concerts and festivals during the summer and autumn. The Golden Almond Cinema and Culture Festival is held in September. You should also check out Artists Street where local artists display their handicrafts.

The most famous landmark of Datca is the ancient city of Knidos. It is a good idea to wait for the sunset in Knidos; the glow of the sun on these ancient ruins and the breathtaking scenery make a very dramatic setting.

Old Datca

Old Datca is inland, situated on the hills above town. It is a charming village, which has recently gone through a major renovation movement. Old Datca is renowned for its old stone houses, many of which have been restored and turned into boutique hotels, quaint cafes, bars and stores dedicated to local handicrafts. Visitors should definitely spend some time walking around old Datca, exploring its cobblestone streets, colourful bougainvillea bushes, little shops and friendly people. As you walk past the house where poet Can Yucel lived and died, you will better understand his long love affair with this beautiful town.

An Idyllic Aegean Port Town
Kumluk Beach, Datca, Mugla