Eastern Mediterranean Coast

Discover Turkey and Eastern Mediterranean coast

Turkey's Eastern Mediterranean Coast

The Eastern Mediterranean shore is made up of the Mediterranean's least well known shores and of inlets that have yet to be discovered. The coast of Eastern Mediterranean offers a fascinating cultural legacy, interesting sights and good beaches.


Mersin, which is an important port of Turkey on the Eastern Mediterranean, is surrounded by orange and lemon groves. Notwithstanding its modern looks, Mersin is located on the site of very ancient settlements. As a result of ongoing excavations at the Yumuktepe Tumulus 3 km to the west of the city, various settlements going as far back as the Neolithic age have been discovered.

Don't forget the taste of the fresh fish at the fish market, or the cezerye and bread and pepper, among the local delicacies.

Maiden's Castle

The symbol of the Eastern Mediterranean, Maiden's Castle is the romantic name for the crusader castle floating in the blue water 150 m offshore from the town. Maiden's Castle (Kizkalesi) includes the site of the ancient city of Korykos, it is noteworthy for its beaches, motels and campsites.


Iskenderun is a busy commercial port of Turkey. The large prawns of Iskenderun are very delicious. We advise gourmets to try also kunefe and humus. Among local handicrafts, woodwork is particularly famous, in particular tables, coffee tables and chairs.


Anamur is surrounded by banana plantations. The ancient city of Anemurium just to the west of Anamur, is located overlooking a beautiful beach. Its name means windy promontory. Among the ruins of the city there are the walls, an amphitheatre, an odeon, a public bath and a necropolis. Anamur beach is famous with Caretta Caretta turtles which lay their eggs.


Tasucu is a typical holiday resort of the Eastern Mediterranean with its beaches and port. Ovacik, 44 km to the west of Tasucu, is a peaceful inlet, famous for its fishermen's shelter and for its beach. The surroundings of the Ovacik Peninsula, the waters of which are very suitable for diving, are full of isolated natural marvels.

You can also visit the Tisan Cove, Tisan Island and the ruins of Aphrodisias.

Turkey's Eastern Mediterranean Coast
Nagidos Island, Bozyazi, Mersin