Foca Islands

Discover Izmir and legendary Phocaea Islands

Phocaea Islands

Foca Islands is the common name for a group of six uninhabited islands in front of the beautiful coastal town of Foca. These islands are Orak Island, Incir Island, Kartdere Island, Fener Island, Ataturk Island and Metelik Island.

Foca Islands

Foca Islands is an island group in the Gulf of Izmir, outside the beautiful Aegean town of Foca. The islands consist of six uninhabited small islands. The largest island is Orak.

The island group also includes Fener Island, Incir Island, Kartdere Island, Ataturk Island and Metelik Island.

Foca Islands and the surrounding small bays, which are home to one of the last remaining colonies of Mediterranean monk seals in Turkey, are where can you discover the silence and the deepest blue.

What to Do

Foca Islands are ideal for enjoying spectacular views and great boat excursions along the shoreline. The islands are generally covered in weeds, brush and scrubs. There is a small pine forest on the northern shore of Incir Island and an area covered in cactus on Fener Island. Especially local people and tourists, because of its favourable picnic spots and beaches visit Incir Island. The islands of Orak, Ataturk and Kartdere are definitely worth seeing with their steep cliffs reaching 80 m in height. There is a long pebble beach in the southern shore of Orak Island.

Siren Rocks

Siren Rocks, which are wonder of nature with colourful rocks changing from snow white to pale pink, rise like iceberg in the middle of of the sea.

Legend of Siren Rocks: Siren Rocks take their name after the Sirens mentioned in the Odyssey by Homer. In Greek mythology; it was believed that their bodies were bird-shaped and their heads were like the heads of women. It was strongly believed that they attract the attention of people to the rocks with their music and sailors who were attracted by the music lost their ways, crashed the rocks and sank. Siren Rocks, which have volcanic structures, have been eroded over the centuries and transformed into supernatural shapes.

Phocaea Islands
Siren Rocks, Foca, Izmir