Kinaliada Island of Istanbul

Discover Istanbul and its peaceful island

Istanbul Kinaliada Island

Kinaliada Island is the fourth largest of the Princes' Islands. It is closest island to the European and Asian side of Istanbul, about 12 km to the south. The island takes its name from the henna colour of its soil.


Kinaliada is the first stop for ferries departing from Istanbul. The island is among the smallest of the Princes' Islands with an area of 1,5 square kilometers.

Especially during the summer months, the island is more tranquil than the other islands and it has more beaches. So if you want to enjoy the sea and sun, disembark here and explore Kinaliada Island. The residents of Kinaliada prefer to cool off in the swimming pools of their houses.

The climate of the Kinaliada is harsher than the other islands. It does not have a significant amount of woodland, but it does has a stone rich environment.

What to Do and See

There are lots of things to do and see on the island of Kinaliada.

Hills: There are three large hills to watch the landscape on the island. Cinar Hill, Tesvikiye Hill and Christos Peak.

Kinaliada Mosque: Beautiful Kinaliada Mosque was built in 1964. The dome, the triangular minarets and the glass exterior make it a rare modern mosque that stands out for its architecture.

Churches: There is also an Armenian church on the island, Surp Krikor Lusavoric Church. You should visit the Panagia Church and Christos Monastery.

Gastronomy: You can taste the incredible feast of meats, rice, salads and wine with a festival of music and dance.

How to Get There

It is possible to access Kinaliada with continuous trips on the ferryboats of the maritime operations from the Sirkeci coast of Istanbul to the Princes' Islands. Kinaliada can also be visited by a sea bus from Eminonu, Kabatas, Kadikoy or Bostanci.

Istanbul Kinaliada Island
General View, Kinaliada, Istanbul