Kuyucak Village

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A Lavender Scented Village

Kuyucak, which is a charming pastoral village with its world famous lavender gardens, is located in Keciborlu district of Isparta province. The village is a place where the landscape of Burdur Lake can be viewed as a result of its high location.


Imagine a village with only 250 inhabitants. Kuyucak, which is a charming Mediterranean village with its beautiful lavender fields, is situated in the foothills of Taurus Mountains, 50 km from the city centre of Isparta.

Kuyucak is one of the prettiest villages in Turkey. 90% of Turkey's lavender production is produced in this village. Thousands of tourists flock to enjoy the visual feast during the peak season in Kuyucak, where an average of 500 tons of lavender flowers are produced every year. They take photos of the flower gardens and taste various foods with lavender ingredients, from lavender honey to ice cream.

The purple coloured fields in the blossom time of lavenders are most suitable areas for photography.

Walking and cycling are activities you can do in the village of Kuyucak.

Lavender Gardens

The talented women of Isparta have turned Kuyucak Village into a magical lavender scented heaven. The people of the village, who received special training, have turned into masters in lavender agriculture.

This fairytale village is full of endless lavender fields adorned with purple flowers. July is the time when lavenders all blossom and create amazing sceneries for local and foreign visitors. The harvest season of the lavender plants starts in August. The best time of day to harvest lavender is in the morning, after the dew has dried but before the heat of the sun draws out too much of the fragrant essential oils.

Lavender Products

The farmers sell lavenders as bouquets when they bloomed or after drying process. The oil produced from lavender is generally used in the cosmetics industry. Other lavender products include lavender water, lavender tea, lavender cologne, lavender honey, lavender soap and dried lavender.

Things to Do and See

A Day in the Lavender Scented Village;

  • Go for a walk in the lavender fields of Kuyucak.
  • Smell the strong and pleasant fragrance of lavender flowers.
  • Taste delicious foods with lavender ingredients.
  • Buy natural lavender products.
  • Take lots of pictures in lavender fields.
  • Explore the village and its surroundings by bike.
A Lavender Scented Village
Lavender Fields, Kuyucak, Isparta