Marmara Region of Turkey

Discover Turkey and healthy Marmara region

Holiday for Four Seasons

Marmara is a very special region you can enjoy the olive groves, beautiful sea and blue sky. Its relevance in history as well as in the contemporary world marks it as a cannot miss place in the traveler's itinerary.

Marmara Region

Famous for its fruit groves, Marmara is the smallest but most densely populated region of Turkey with a surface area of 67.000 km². It represents approximately 8,6% of the Turkish national territory and about 30% of its population. Marmara region of Turkey is a very special geographical area where you can enjoy olive groves, fishing boats and turquoise water. It is located in the northwest part of Turkey, bridges Asia and Europe. Its relevance in history as well as in the contemporary world, marks it as a must-see place in the traveler's itinerary.

Things to Do and See

A typical architectural style and fresh air as sweet as wine complement the pleasant restaurants dotting the shores. This is a real paradise for holidaymakers thanks to its establishments that are open throughout the year. The region is also one of the privileged areas in the world with its rich thermal water resources and suitable conditions for health tourism.

Where to Go

The world famous city of Istanbul is still standing in all its grandeur, equally mystifying in its natural beauty and historic glory. Other such prominent cities that make it to the traveler's schedule are Bursa and Edirne..

Provinces: The provinces that you can visit in the Marmara region; Istanbul, Balikesir, Bursa, Canakkale, Edirne, Tekirdag, Kirklareli, Bilecik, Kocaeli, Sakarya, Yalova.

Towns: The most beautiful towns in the Marmara; Ayvalik, Bozcaada Island, Princes' Islands, Edremit, Geyikli, Gokceada Island, Cunda Island, Gemlik, Burhaniye, Erdek, Ezine, Ayvacik, Sarkoy, Igneada, Kumbag, Vize, Tarakli.

Marmara Cuisine

It is possible to find many local flavours specific to the Marmara region. If you are confident about your palate and are looking for differences, we invite you to explore the refined and wholesome delicacies of Marmara cuisine.


The Marmara region has a hybrid Mediterranean climate. Summers are warm to hot, humid and moderate dry but winters are cold and wet and sometimes snowy.

Holiday for Four Seasons
Gemlik Bay, Bursa