Regions of Turkey

Turkey is bounded by four seas on three sides, spans a relatively large region in Asia and Europe. Get to know the seven geographical regions of our country, characteristic features and the diversity of experiences you can have in each.


Southern Turkey

Aegean and Mediterranean are the world famous coastal regions of southern Turkey. These areas are known for their warm and friendly people, amazing natural beauties, turquoise waters and fertile soils.

Aegean Region


The most beautiful shades of blue

Mediterranean Region


The paradise among the orange groves


Turkish Therapy

Today, relax and reduce your stress with Turkish Therapy. 30 minutes of exposure to the colour blue helps in reducing stress and anxiety.


Inland Turkey

Anatolia is the main part of Turkey that is east of the Sea of Marmara. Central Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia are the three important regions of inland Turkey.

Central Anatolia Region

Central Anatolia

The cradle of civilization

Eastern Anatolia Region

Eastern Anatolia

On the trail of history

Southeastern Anatolia Region

Southeastern Anatolia

Mesopotamia, beyond a land


Northern Turkey

Marmara and Black Sea, which are among the seven geographical regions of Turkey, are notable for their small streams, roaring waterfalls and lush green forests.

Marmara Region


Holiday for four seasons

Black Sea Region

Black Sea

Call of lush green nature


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