Sirince Village

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A Quaint Little Village in Izmir

An attractive Aegean village surrounded by vineyards and peach gardens, Sirince retains its traditional appearance almost intact. This cute little village is famous for its historical houses reflecting unique architectural features.


Sirince, which is one of the loveliest Aegean villages in Turkey, literally means cute and adorable. It is located within the borders of Izmir province. Set on a hillside above Selcuk town and within easy reach of the ruins at Ephesus, the village retains most of its lovely old wooden houses with their red tiled roofs. Up here the air feels fresh and the restaurants serve fruit flavoured wines.

Sirince is a mesmerizing village and very different from other in the vicinity. Originally, the village was built by Greeks, but after the population exchange betwwen Turkey and Greece in 1923, the Greeks who had to leave Anatolia were replaced by Turks from Thessalonica. Today the village prospers through agriculture (olive oil, wine, peach, apple, fig, walnut) and tourism. It is well protected and a rare and attractive example of Ottoman Turkish architecture.

Sirince is a village full of nostalgia with its locally produced wine, traditional cuisine and authentic life style. While walking around the village, you will feel as if you have stepped straight back into the 19th century.

Sirince Houses

Sirince, without a doubt, is Turkey's one the most aesthetic mountain villages. The houses of Sirince are different from other in the region as they are two storey houses built of stone and brick have multiple windows and balconies proportional to the sizes of the windows. Their basements are used for kitchen and storeroom. The frames of the windows and the eaves are decorated with paintings and bird figures. The beautiful houses are used as boutique hotels nowadays.

Things to Do and See

Shopping: The little village of Sirince is great for shopping. The local women sells handmade lace, tablecloths, beads, muslin cloths and dresses. Also, there is a single remaining woodcarver who still makes beautiful wooden spoons.

Wine & Olive Oil: One of the things that make Sirince stand out among the touristic destinations is its homemade wines. Sirince's name is associated with the grapes that are produced around here and used to make delicious fruit wines. There are only two wine producers in the village. The olive oil produced locally is also incredibly tasty.

A Day in the Quaint Village of Sirince;

  • Go for a walk in the streets of Sirince freely.
  • Taste delicious local wines in the cellars.
  • Try homemade tasty pancakes.
  • Buy incredibly tasty olive oils.
  • Visit the churches of Saint John the Baptist and Saint Dimitrios.
  • Drink traditional Turkish coffee or elder berry syrup.
  • Visit Theatre School and Mathematics Institute.
  • Enjoy the Vintage Culture, Art and Friendship Festival.
A Quaint Little Village in Izmir
Traditional Houses, Sirince, Izmir