Slow Cities in Turkey

Discover Turkey and popular cittaslow towns

Cittaslow Turkey

Cittaslow is becoming increasingly popular in the world, and there are 18 uniqe cittaslow towns within the borders of Turkey. If you are interested in joining this new generation movement and living in a slow city then visit these small towns.

Cittaslow Tourism

Cittaslow is an international network of cities where living is good and easy in the world. Cittaslow philosophy covers self-sufficient cities where people communicate with each other, protect nature and traditions, respect for the planet with sustainable energy. Turkey is an official member of the international cittaslow movement and slow city tourism with its 18 lovely towns. You can relax in a peaceful atmosphere or discover the heart of nature, organic foods, tranquil daily life and many historic traces inherited from civilizations that left their footprints on Anatolia.

Would you like to get to know some of the Turkish slow cities where you can really enjoy life and add these special places to your list of destinations to see?

Here is the list of 18 slow cities for you to visit in Turkey;

  • Seferihisar (2009), Gokceada (2011), Akyaka (2011), Tarakli (2011), Yenipazar (2011), Persembe (2012), Yalvac (2012), Vize (2012), Halfeti (2013), Savsat (2015), Uzundere (2016), Gerze (2017), Egirdir (2017), Goynuk (2017), Mudurnu (2018), Koycegiz (2019), Ahlat (2019), Gudul (2020).


Seferihisar, which is the first cittaslow town of Turkey, is located in Izmir province in the Aegean region of Turkey. The town is surrounded by the historical treasures and green nature. Seferihisar, which is a model for calmer and healthier lifestyle, makes you feel the Aegean spirit closer.


Located at the northwest of Aegean, Gokceada is a famous island with its own specific geographical conditions, protected and untouched natural resources. Gokceada, which is the largest island of Turkey, is referred as the island of the Poseidonin Homer's epic the Iliad. Its older name is known as Imbros.


Akyaka was designated a slow city of Turkey by the Cittaslow International in 2011, and is a great destination for those seeking to enjoy a calm and relaxing holiday. Akyaka is the best kept secret of Gokova Bay with its green mountains, crystalline sea water and elegant houses that preserve old Mugla architecture.


Halfeti is a hidden paradise and known as the first cittaslow of the Southeastern Anatolia region in Turkey. With its unusual geography and unique culture, the area is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination.


The southern historic town of Sakarya, Tarakli deserves the title of slow city for its elegant Ottoman mansions, wooden houses, vibrant neighbourhood culture and pristine nature. In Tarakli, you will be realized that everything you liked during your childhood are still here with all its liveliness.

Cittaslow Turkey
A Beach near Akyaka, Mugla