Southeastern Anatolia Region

Discover Turkey and eternal story of Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia, Beyond a Land

This is Mesopotamia, the place where the story began and continues to endure. Southeastern Anatolia is just like a geography of colours with its natural landscapes straight of postcards, warm people, thousands of years history and culture.

Southeastern Anatolia Region

Southeastern Anatolia region is located in the southeastern part of Turkey. It has an area of 75.358 km² and is the second smallest region in Turkey. The region has long summers are very hot and dry, with high evaporation, winters are cold and rainy.

An Eternal Story

An eternal story was written where it all began. We hunted and gathered for thousands of years around the Euphrates and the Tigris. We humans came together for the first time and built temples. This was the place that we cultivated the soil and we grew wheat for the very first time and we established our first villages beside those fields. We rode our first caravans here. Civilizations merged here and it was here that cultures flourished. We found our faith here, we bulit our temples here. We laid the foundations for the sciences here. We developed together here with countless works of art and diverse cultures, we began to write the saga of civilization here. This is Mesopotamia, the place where the story began and continues to endure.

Things to Do and See

Mesopotamia, the land of firsts, uniques and oldests, awaits for you. This is a unique part of Turkey, and there are so many things to do and see. Come to discover a legendary history, a legendary culture, a legendary nature, legendary tastes and warm people.

Where to Go

Southeastern Anatolian region, which has a special atmosphere as uniquely different from other regions of the country, has a very rich history and cultural heritage. If you want to enjoy a holiday full of history, mystic life style and a wide variety of opportunities, the Southeastern Anatolia will be the perfect destination for you.

Provinces: The provinces that you can visit in the Southeastern Anatolia region; Diyarbakir, Gaziantep, Sanliurfa, Mardin, Adiyaman, Batman, Kilis, Siirt, Sirnak.

Towns: The most popular towns to go: Harran, Halfeti, Hasankeyf, Midyat.

Culinary Culture

Southeastern Anatolia cuisine has a long and deep-rooted legacy that goes way beyond kebab. It is a colourful region featuring a very rich culinary culture with its extraordinarily delicious dishes and desserts. Wheat and bulgur are the most commonly used ingredients in the Southeastern Anatolia. In addition, legumes such as chickpea, lentil and rice are widely used. Dairy products and red meat are other important culinary ingredients of the region.

Mesopotamia, Beyond a Land
Zinciriye Madrasah, Mardin