Slow City Tarakli

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An Elegant Ottoman Town

Tarakli is just like an Ottoman elegance. This historic and authentic town deserves greatly its title of slow city for its elegant Ottoman mansions, wooden houses, vibrant neighbourhood culture and pristine nature.


A small town to the southwest of Sakarya, Tarakli, with its graceful wooden houses and narrow streets, still retains authentic Ottoman atmosphere but is completely off the beaten track as regards to visitors. In Tarakli, you will be realized that everything you liked during your childhood are still here with all its liveliness.

With its green nature and unique history, Tarakli is the best place to spend time with your family. The fact that the historical mansions are dispersed all over the town creates a feeling of being in a different time. No matter how old they are, the people are energetic. For them, this historical feel is not an ornament. It is a proof that they preserve their culture and unity for centuries. The slow city Tarakli has hundreds of historical Ottoman houses. The wooden houses that have been standing for more than 300 years have a wonderful view between Hidirlik and Hisar hills.

The trees on streets and gardens are still the best friend of locals. 500 year old Kursunlu Mosque also known as Yunus Pasha Mosque and its neighbour 700 year old plane tree are the oldest inhabitants of the slow city Tarakli.

Cittaslow Town

Designated as slow city of Turkey by the international Cittaslow network in 2011, Tarakli attracts more and more visitors. An old Ottoman settlement whose characteristic texture remains intact, Tarakli more than meets all criterias for being a slow city. The 17th century travel writer Evliya Celebi describes it as an Ottoman village both fertile and famous for its vineyards, wooden spoons and combs.

Things to Do and See

Local Bazaar: The colorful local bazaar of Tarakli always attracts your attention. In the bazaar, handmade crafts, wooden combs, spoons and especially products made by women are presented in many varieties.

Natural Beauties: Hark Canyon and Cave near the village of Tuzla, Gungormez Waterfall, Kemer Bridge, Acisu River, Gurleyik River and the plateaus of Belengermesi and Hamzapinar are all worth a visit. When you go away from the town, you will be fascinated by the nature and fantastic view of Karagol Highland. It is such a great idea you to come here. The highland is ideal for nature walks, caravan and camping.

Culinary Culture: The local food and desserts that were formed in years are another indispensable of Tarakli.

Therapeutic Waters: Tarakli also serves health tourism with its mineral-rich therapeutic spring waters. The Ottoman mud bath in the village of Haciyakup Pasalar brings relief for dermatological conditions and rheumatism.

An Elegant Ottoman Town
Karagol Plateau, Tarakli, Sakarya