Top 10 Most Popular Cities

Discover Turkey and most visited cities

Turkey's Top 10 Most Visited Cities

This is a list of the top 10 most popular cities to visit in Turkey defined according to a concept of tourist attractions. These cities each offer the best of five-star establishments, shopping, gorgeous historical sites and natural scenery.


The city of the past, the present and the future, Istanbul is Turkey's largest city and the country's undisputed cultural and financial centre. Istanbul offers a great deal in the way of history, culture, food and entertainment, in fact great destination to take a long city trip. The city was the third capital city of the Ottoman Empire.


Antalya, which is the largest city on the Mediterranean, is also known as the Turkish Riviera. The city offers over 300 days of sunshine, fantastic beaches, beautiful resort towns, historical sites, beautiful nature, great shopping opportunities, a myriad of waterfront bars and restaurants. As the fourth most visited city in the world, Antalya is one of the world's foremost tourism destinations, offers you a peerless experience.


Izmir is Turkey's third largest city and second most important port on the Aegean coast. Izmir, with its 8,500 years of history, is gloriously situated on the western edge of Turkey, the bountiful, the fruitful and the beautiful. Luxury hotels, nightlife, shopping and business meetings give the city a cosmopolitan and lively atmosphere all year round.


Located is in the Aegean region of Turkey, Mugla is famous city for its historical places, sea, sand and sun. The city's coastline and archaeological sites are visited by many local and foreign tourists during the year.


Eskisehir is one of the most vibrant and modern cities of our country. It is an excellent destination for those looking for a city trip full of entertainments, parks, gardens, museums and historical ruins.


Mardin is one of the oldest cities of upper Mesopotamia, located in the Southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey. The city is a great destination for travelers wishing to experience the wonderful mix of unique cultural and historical motifs.


Canakkale, which holds a location of strategic importance, is the most popular base for visiting the ruins at Troy, as well as Gallipoli. The city has become a very popular destination for local and international tourists.


Bursa, which is like an open air museum, was one of the capital cities of the Ottoman Empire. Standing as a reflection of the early periods of the Ottoman culture, the city combines historical sites and thermal springs with skiing on the slopes in Uludag.


Edirne is home of the world famous annual Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling competition. The city is one of the oldest settlements in Turkey dating back to the Neolithic age. It was the second capital city of the Ottoman Empire.


Located in the Southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey, Gaziantep attracts many visitors throughout the year due to its many unique historical structures and amazing gastronomy culture.

Turkey's Top 10 Most Visited Cities
Gundogdu Square, Konak, Izmir