Unye Town

Discover Ordu and the beauty of Unye

Explore the Beauty of Unye

Located in the Black Sea region of Turkey, Unye is one of the leading districts of Ordu province with its 17.000 years of history, fortresses, churches, mosques, inns, bathhouses, rich forests, plateaus, streams, unique beaches and deep blue sea.


Unye is not just a stunning location, it is a capital of a cuisine all its own, with a hospitality and culture as welcoming as you will ever see. This charming little port is one of the beautiful holiday towns on Turkey's Black Sea coast and justly boasts of its excellent beaches and camping facilities.

The town has the most beautiful examples of stonemasonry since 19th century and it is famous not only in Unye but also around the country. We recommend that you buy copperyware items at the shops along the Kazancilar Street, and visit the historical houses along the Kadilar Slope. You can ride a horse and have a nice day with your loved ones at Unye Equestrian Sports Facilities, which is the only place where you can ride horses in the Black Sea region.

Don't forget to visit the Hellenistic era Rock Tombs, the bathhouses, and the Tomb of Yunus Emre.

Historical Places

Unye Castle, which is situated 7 km away from the town centre, greets you as a living witness of history with its 2500 years of history. You can observe Ottoman architecture at Kadilar Slope, and go on a historical journey between the wooden and stone houses. Saray Mosque situated in the centre is a Seljuk building and is stil being used.

The only remains from the old palace built on the walls by the sea, Palace Walls are worth seeing.

Natural Attractions

Asarkaya City Forest, which is set in a forest teeming with wildlife, is ideal for trekking and bird watching. Cakirtepe and Camlik are other options, if you enjoy picnic, fresh air walk or becoming one with nature.

Yazkonagi Cave 4 km away from Unye is waiting for its visitors. Monumental trees of Unye stand out against time with the power they get from their roots.


Unye is a favourite destination for sea tourism. This charming beach resort town is known for its beaches and camping facilities. The most remarkable natural beaches of Unye are Uzunkum, Cinarsuyu, Feneralti and Inciralti.

Explore the Beauty of Unye
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