Where to Go in Izmir

Izmir, which is known as the pearl of the Aegean, lies on the west coast of Turkey. The city welcomes guests with its enjoyable ambience, beautiful nature, seaside resort towns, lovely villages, great marinas and small islands.


Places to Go in Izmir

Izmir's 4 Most Charming Coastal Towns

4 Most Stunning Seaside Towns

Izmir is full of beautiful seaside towns for the Aegean lovers. The coastal towns of Cesme, Foca, Urla and Alacati will seduce you with their shining sun, bright blue seas, beaches, traditional characters and peaceful auras for a happy holiday.

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Izmir's 10 Popular Holiday Destinations

10 Popular Summer Holiday Destinations

Izmir, one of Turkey's best tourist destinations, is famous with its beautiful holiday resorts. For those who want to swim, sunbathe and spend plenty of good time, we have listed the 10 popular summer holiday destinations around Izmir.

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City of Blue

Inspirational Destinations

Slow City Seferihisar

Seferihisar, First Cittaslow of Turkey

Seferihisar, which is the first cittaslow town of Turkey, is located in Izmir province in the Aegean region. The town is surrounded by the historical treasures and green nature. Seferihisar makes you feel the Aegean spirit closer.

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Sirince Village

Sirince, Quaint Little Village in Izmir

An attractive Aegean village surrounded by vineyards and peach gardens, Sirince retains its traditional appearance almost intact. This cute little village is famous for its historical houses reflecting unique architectural features.

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