Slow City Yalvac

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A Town from the Neolithic Age

Yalvac is a town, which offers you a chance to relax in a peaceful atmosphere with its history, culture, local cuisine and festivals. It is located 105 km away from Isparta province in the Mediterranean region of Turkey.


Yalvac is situated 105 km away from Isparta, in the southern skirts of the Sultan Mountains. It is a town that people live in peace and happiness.

Yalvac, which was designated a slow city by the international Cittaslow network in 2012, is known as a town which efforts to introduce its the historical and cultural values to new generations. In the town, you can take a trip to the ancient city of Pisidia Antiocheia, have a conversation under the monumental plane tree, see traditional handicrafts such as felt making, leather work and miniature horse carriage manufacturing.

Some interesting or enjoyable things to see or do;

  • Yalvac Museum
  • Devlethan Mosque
  • Cinaralti
  • Yalvac Houses
  • Yalvas Tasevi Beach
  • Sanctuary of Men

Culinary Culture

The culinary culture of Yalvac takes its source from the historical past and the natural structure. Don't come back without tasting the traditional dishes such as Keskek, Hamursuz and Borani. A splendid version of Gullac is also made here. Try the local markets to buy organic foods making an effort to understand the lovely accent of the villagers.


The town has a culture and arts festival held in May. Also, traditional weddings in Yalvac are among the most beautiful ceremonies in Anatoila.

Pisidia Antiocheia

There are ruins of Roman and Byzantine civilizations in the ancient city, which is located 1 km north of Yalvac and was established in the Hellenistic period. In the ancient city, where Saint Paul gave his first recorded sermon, there is a 4th century church dedicated to Saint Paul. The Temple of Augustus, churches, theater, Roman Bath, Tiberius Square, monumental gateway and fountain, pillared street and aqueducts are structures that have been partially preserved until today.

Apple Gardens

Yalvac has an ecosystem that is quite suitable for production of apples. A significant portion of the farm families work in apple production. The majority of the apple gardens are small sized family establishments of 50-1000 trees

A Town from the Neolithic Age
Pisidia Antiocheia, Yalvac, Isparta