Accommodation in Turkey

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Best Accommodation Options

Read about the local accommodation options in Turkey, from luxury resorts and five star hotels to holiday villas and campsites. Find the best places to stay in our country for all budgets and comfort levels.

Luxury Resorts

Turkey is a unique country where you can experience four seasons at the same time. Luxury resorts are ideal to relax in stunning coastline from Aegean to Mediterranean. In a resort hotel, you can enjoy spacious, high quality accommodation and a huge range of guest services, tours and activities. The activities are tailored to your location, so depending where you are, you can hit the ski slopes, go scuba diving or sip cocktails by the pool.


Turkey is the perfect destination for a hotel break with its huge variety of hotels, from five star all inclusive hotels to special class hotels. Ratings range from two to five stars and prices vary accordingly. You need to book in advance if you want to spend your vacation in our country. Choosing the best hotel can really make a difference for enjoying your vacation.

Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels may be remodeled mansions, reconstructed Turkish houses, or may exhibit distinctive architectural design features that blend in with the surroundings they are a part of.

You can find the all charming boutique hotels which are classic stone houses along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey.

If you want to stay at the most romantic and cave boutique hotels in the world you need to visit Cappadocia.

Apart Hotels

Enjoy space, privacy and the convenience of kitchen and laundry facilities in a self contained apart hotels. These are an ideal, cost effective option if you are traveling with a family or large group or want to spend more than a couple of days in one place. Spread out in the living areas and enjoy cooking your own meals. You can find serviced or non serviced options depending on where you stay.

Holiday Villas

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday in Turkey with your family in privacy, than a villa would be the ideal choice for you.

By renting a villa you can have your own kitchen, living room, bedroom and in many cases your own private swimming pool. A villa provides you not only with more space and privacy but is also a more economical option rather than staying at a small hotel room. A villa can usually accommodate a minimum of four people, and the rental price is charged per week making it more cost effective than staying at a hotel.


There are possibilities for camping with caravans, trailers and tents throughout Turkey. You can pitch your tent in a national park or head to one of the many well equipped camping and caravan parks. Offering electricity, hot showers, laundry and barbecue areas, these parks keep life on the road clean and civilized. Experience Turkey's scenery up close with caravans, holiday parks and camping sites, ideal for couples and families on a budget.


The comfortable and fully furnished bungalows are ideal for vacationing as a family, group of friends or couple. Great value bungalows are available all over Turkey, especially on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts or in the highlands and mountains of the Black Sea region. Many are situated in stunning sea and lakeside or forest locations so you can truly relax while soaking up the beautiful scenery of Turkey.

Best Accommodation Options
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