How to Travel to Turkey

Discover Turkey and wide travel opportunities

Getting to Turkey

There is a wide selection of travel opportunities to Turkey by rail, road, sea and air from many different countries. You can also book tickets online by choosing any of the flight, bus, train and ferry services.

Fly to Turkey

Turkey is a country that can be reached by air from almost anywhere in the world. There are lots of airports catering for both international and domestic flights in the country. Turkey's national airline is Turkish Airlines, which has direct flights from Istanbul to many capitals of the world. It has a reasonable safety record, and service is always pretty perfect too. Also you can find the various airlines have regular flights to Turkey from the major capitals and cities of the world. However, you must be prepared to change plane once in order to reach your final destination.

We recommend that you contact the airlines directly for detailed information about flights.

Travel by Rail

Train journeys can be made to Turkey directly from some of the major cities in Europe and Middle East.

The train connection between Turkey and European countries is provided by Bosphorus Express operating daily. There are direct sleeper trains running from Greece, Bulgaria and Romania to Istanbul by the Turkish State Railways. You can also travel from London or Paris to Istanbul by train. There are also services that run from Denmark, Germany, Holland, Italy and Switzerland which will involve changes of connection and popular with interrailers.

Travel by Road

Private Car: Driving your own car is one of the best ways to experience Turkey in your own pace. It is possible to drive to Turkey via Bulgaria or Greece, and vehicles may be used for up to six months once in the country. At the border you will need to provide a valid passport, international driving license, vehicle licence, international green card and vehicle registration details. Do check if your insurance is valid for the Asian side of the country. If the vehicle belongs to someone else, a power of attorney will be required.

Bus: If you want to travel by bus there are regular services between Turkey and main European countries, also many Middle East countries. Note that you may need transit visas for the countries, depending on your passport. Check with the bus company and the countries' diplomatic posts for requirements.

Travel by Sea

Cruise Ship: Apart from the numerous cruises in the Mediterranean sea, several foreign shipping companies have regular services to the ports in Turkey. There are many Mediterranean cruise holidays that take in Bodrum, Istanbul, Izmir and Kusadasi as part of their itinerary.

Ferry: Ferries offer services between the Italian ports of Brindisi and Ancona and the Turkish town of Cesme on the Aegean coast, with other services running between the Greek Islands and the western Turkish coastal ports of Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye. There are regular services to North Cyprus during the summer months from Alanya, Antalya, Tasucu and Anamur. Also you can find routes over the Black Sea.

Private Yacht: Upon arrival in Turkish waters, yachts must report to the nearest port of entry. Once details of the yacht, yachtsmen, intended route, passports, customs declarations and health clearance have been entered into a transit log, the boat will have permission to remain for two years. Upon leaving you will need to contact the harbour authority again.

Getting to Turkey
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