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Ataturk International Airport

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Istanbul Ataturk Airport

Istanbul Ataturk International Airport is the city's gateway to the world, hosting millions of passengers every year and servicing airlines from all over the world. Ataturk Airport is also one of the top airports in the world.

Ataturk International Airport (IST)

Istanbul Ataturk International Airport is also one of the best airports in the world with its architecture, speed of passenger throughput, level of service and advanced technology.

The founding of Istanbul Ataturk International Airport dates to 1912, the year in which a military airport was opened there. The airport took the name Yesilkoy Airport and was opened to international flights in 1953. In 1985, renovation work was completed and the same year, the airport took the name of Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey.

The airport codes:

Public Transportation

Transportation to and from the airport is available by metered taxis as well as subway, which starts from the city center, municipal buses, and shuttle buses of the HAVAS company, which also operates ground services at the airport.

Features and Services

  • Ataturk International Airport's departure and arrival terminals include 15 duty free shops, with a total area of 5224 m2
  • 4387 m2 duty free shopping area, 11 duty free shops in the departure terminal
  • 837 m2 duty free shopping area, 4 duty free shops in the arrival terminal
  • The Bazaar Shop, inspired by the Covered Bazaar, offers carpets, gold, leather, silver, porcelain, glass and crystal goods and also local products such as Turkish delight, coffee and spices
  • The airport hosts 40 cafes, bars, restaurants and refreshment stalls with a combined seating capacity of 5250
  • It also houses bank offices, ATMs, car rental dealers, drugstores, hairdressers, flower shops, gift shops, foreign exchange bureaus, kiosks, dried fruit sellers and also a health center, a massage parlor and a photo shop
  • TAV Airport Hotel operated by BTA Catering Services, offers 131 rooms of luxury accommodation, as well as hourly accommodation on the airside

Ataturk Airport, Istanbul

Ataturk International Airport, Istanbul