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Boutique Hotels in Turkey

Discover Turkey, home of boutique hotels


Turkey's Boutique Hotels

Holiday in one of the most beautiful and elite, small and boutique hotels of Turkey. Relax in a Turkish bath or spend your honeymoon at one of the most romantic hotels of the world.

Historical Hotels

Historical hotels are usually located in the city centers within walking distance to city's landmarks.

Turkey's special class historical hotels offer character, specifically Ottoman character. Some were built during the Ottoman Empire, others have been restored to the character of that era, still others strive for an Ottoman ambience.

Boutique Hotels

You can find the all charming boutique hotels which are classic stone houses on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey. If you want to stay at the most romantic and cave boutique hotels in the world you need to visit Cappadocia.

Boutique hotels may be remodeled mansions, reconstructed Turkish houses, or may exhibit distinctive architectural design features that blend in with the surroundings they are a part of.

Special class or boutique hotels all possess exquisite character, which are mainly located in historical buildings are also a very good choice to stay. Some special class hotels offers great comfort, with the old historical motives, some others operate as boutique style for special needs.

Boutique Hotels in Turkey

Nautical Beach Hotel, Fethiye, Mugla