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Customs Regulations in Turkey

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Customs Regulations

Here you find the most important regulations you need to know before entering Turkey with goods or currencies.

Facts about Regulations

Please note that the following information is intended to cover items usually carried by tourists visiting Turkey.

If you are planning a longer stay or are carrying anything unusual into or out of the country, it is best to check the regulations in more detail.

Valuable Gifts

On Entry: It is permitted to bring the following items into Turkey as duty free goods. The following allowances apply to the import of both domestic and foreign goods;

  • Wines, Tobacco and Other Luxury Items
  • Valuables
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Sports Equipment
  • Medical Items

On Exit: For valuable gifts and souvenirs, such as a carpet, proof of purchase is necessary, together with receipts showing that any currency used in its purchase has been legally exchanged.

Please note that it is strictly forbidden to export antiques from Turkey. Minerals can only be exported with a special document.

Customs Regulations in Turkey

Facts about Customs Regulations