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Getting around Antalya

Discover Antalya, home of public transport


How to Travel around Antalya

Travel around Antalya is easy. There are great travel options across Antalya, make use of the excellent public transport system available or follow a tourist route by car or journey on foot.

How to Get around Antalya?

Getting around Antalya is relatively easy for visitors once they have adjusted to the area and oriented themselves.

You can get around Antalya by diverse means of transportation. Buses and trams are usually on time and taxis or dolmus are relatively cheap. The public transportation consists of four different options which can be combined to get to all attractions and popular locations.


The main mode of public transportation is the local bus which gets visitors to nearly every part of the city. One of the best ways to get around Antalya is via buses that have their stations in the heart of Antalya. The bus routes passes by the major destinations and tourist attractions of the city.


The minibuse is a perfectly legitimate and efficient mode of transportation and visitors are encouraged to try it, not only for the purpose of conveniently getting around Antalya but also for the experience of local travel. Aside from buses, the city also has a minibuse, a local mode of transportation. Payment of the fare is usually done as soon as you sit down and trips within the city may cost cheap.


The third method of transportation is the tram which goes to a limited number of locations but is useful for visitors because it does hit many major attractions. Tram is inexpensive and convenient for certain destinations. Antalya's tramvay has 10 stops, and provides the simplest way to travel from one end of town to the other.


Licensed taxis in Antalya are yellow and have registration numbers on the sides. Taxis are a practical, comfortable, convenient and speedy way to get around Antalya, but distances in the sprawling city can make for fairly high taxi fares. If you have a lot of baggage, a taxi is the way to go.

Getting around Antalya

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