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Getting around Izmir

Discover Izmir, home of public transport


How to Travel around Izmir

Travel around Izmir is easy. Find out about traveling around Izmir by car, ferry, bus, subway and taxi. With an excellent network of roads, trains, buses and the subway, getting around Izmir is easy.

How to Get around Izmir?

Izmir, as the third biggest city of Turkey, has a good network of transport system utilizing possibilities at sea and on land. Mass transportation is operated by four separate public agencies all owned by the Izmir Municipality.

The best method of getting around Izmir is to use a combination of walking and taxi hire to see everything on the itinerary.


There is a metro line connecting city centre, Ucyol, Konak Square with the northeastern suburb of Bornova. Izmir's metro is clean and quick. Subway provides transportation in two directions; north line and south line. Izban commuter train line can be used since it covers most part of the city center.


There is a big public bus system covers all of the city. Transportation between Izmir and its surroundings are extremely comfortable and well developed. In these buses you can use money or you can use city card.


There are also minibuse services around the suburbs, and share taxis running along fixed routes. The share taxis run fairly fixed routes into and out of the centre.


Maybe the nicest way to travel around Izmir is by ferry. Public ferries are easy, fast inside the coast and gives a nice shot of Izmir. There are services provided from Bostanli, Karsiyaka, Bayrakli, Alsancak, Pasaport, Konak, Goztepe, Uckuyular.


In Izmir, taxi fees are calculated by adding a set amount per km onto the starting fee. Taxi drivers can give you an estimated total cost of your trip based on the destination. Taxis are affordable prices.

Getting around Izmir

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