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Hezarfen Airport in Istanbul

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Istanbul Hezarfen Airport

Istanbul Hezarfen Airport is Turkey's internationally registered, first private airport. Hezarfen Airport is also licensed from the Ministry of Transport and Green Certified Organisation.

Hezarfen Airport

Hezarfen Airport's name comes from Hezarfen Ahmet Celebi, the first flying Turk during the Ottoman Empire of the 17th century.

Hezarfen Airport is located in Catalca district of Istanbul, at 20 kilometers west of Istanbul Ataturk International Airport. The airport has a single landing field for full size motor aircrafts and small planes.

Features and Services

  • Flight schools where trainees receive pilot licenses and these companies are also giving air taxi services
  • Model plane club, model cars racing track, motocross dirt track, skateboard area, heliport
  • Cafeteria and restaurant, car parks
  • Air shows and music concerts

The airport code:

Hezarfen Airport, Istanbul

Hezarfen Airport, Istanbul