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Sirkeci Train Station in Istanbul

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Istanbul Sirkeci Railway Station

Sirkeci Railway Station is located on the European side of the city. This station is Istanbul's gate to Europe, and the arrival place of European visitors to the mythical city of Istanbul.

Sirkeci Train Station

Sirkeci Train Station was designed by foreign architects, as became the fashion in the later periods of Ottoman rule. The history of the building dates back to 1890. During the construction period a particular importance was attached to the harmony of this building with the Istanbul's architectural character. Istanbul, which connects the East and the West, also created connections between European architecture and Oriental styles.

There is a small museum in the terminal where artefacts related to the Ottoman railways and the history of the terminal are on permanent display.

Features and Services

Sirkeci Train Station is a short walk or taxi ride from Eminonu ferry terminals. Suburban trains also run from Sirkeci Station. Trams to Sultanahmet run past Sirkeci Station, and city bus services are available.

There are trains from Sofia, Belgrade, Bucharest and Budapest (connections from Munich and Vienna) to Sirkeci Train Station on the European side of Istanbul.

Main train services are;

  • Belgrade (via Balkan Express)
  • Bucharest (via Bosphorus Express)
  • Budapest (via Trans-Balkan Express)
  • Kischinev (via Prietenia Express)
  • Pythion (via IC 90/91)
  • Munich (via Istanbul Express)

Sirkeci Train Station, Istanbul

Sirkeci Railway Station, Istanbul