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Train travel in Turkey

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Turkish Rail travel

Turkish rail travel is an exercise in relaxation. What is the main reason to choose a train journey in Turkey? Spectacular scenery you simply can't see from the road.

Train travel

Turkish State Railways operate passenger trains all over the country, which has a well developed railway network.

On long distances, the train is a comfortable way of transport.

On some routes there are comfortable sleeping car trains. A high speed trains between Istanbul, Ankara, Konya and Eskisehir which makes the journey comfortable in just a couple of hours, are useful and even the best way to travel in Turkey.

Would you like to travel using Turkey's most beautiful rail routes?

Exciting Rail Journeys

Turkey's conventional trains are also a pleasant surprise. Cheap, spacious, and mostly now composed of modern air conditioned coaches, which are as good as any regular trains in western Europe.

It is easy to buy tickets at the station when you get to Turkey. Most major stations have a computerised ticketing and reservation system. Also you can book online ticket via the Turkish State Railways, which is now available in English. Alternatively, you can buy tickets from local travel agencies.

High Speed Train

Turkey's best trains are modern and air conditioned. The high speed trains (YHT) are currently operating between Istanbul, Eskisehir, Ankara and Konya routes. The high speed train network is growing. In 2023, all regions of Turkey will be covered with high speed rail network.

Train travel in Turkey

High Speed Train, YHT