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Travel to Turkey by Road

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Travel by Road

Travel by road gives you a freedom to go where you want when you want, whether you drive your own car in Turkey. More people are taking the opportunity to travel by road to Turkey.

By Car

Driving your own car is one of the best ways to experience Turkey in your own pace. It is possible to drive to Turkey via Bulgaria or Greece, or via Italy, with a ferry to Turkey and vehicles may be used for up to six months once in the country.

At the border you will need to provide a valid passport, international driving license, vehicle licence, international green card and vehicle registration details. Do check if your insurance is valid for the Asian side of the country. If the vehicle belongs to someone else, a power of attorney will be required.

More and more people are taking the opportunity to travel by car in Turkey as it is a great and flexible way to see the country.

By Bus

If you want to travel to Turkey by bus there are regular services between Turkey and main European countries, also many Middle East countries.

Note that you may need transit visas for the countries, depending on your passport. Check with the bus company and the countries' diplomatic posts for requirements.

Travel By Road to Turkey

Ankara-Istanbul Highway, Bolu