10 Ancient Cities You Must Visit

Discover Antalya and unique archaeological sites


Antalya's 10 Best Ancient Cities

Antalya has a magnificent richness with its archaeological sites. The remaining columns, tombs and other historical remains make it possible for people to have a unique experience. We have compiled a list of 10 ancient cities that you should see in Antalya.


Xanthos, which was the capital city of Lycians dating back to 3000 BC, is known to be the largest administrative centre of Lycia during antiquity. Xanthos was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List together with Letoon in 1988. Known as the city of monuments, Xanthos Ancient City is located near the town of Kas.


Termessos is one of Turkey's best preserved ancient cities and most outstanding archaeological sites. The untouched ancient city was built on a steep hillside covered with pine forest. It is a great place for visitors to see.


One of the most powerful cities of the Lycian Union, the ancient city of Myra is known for its perfectly preserved Roman era amphitheatre and its tombs carved in the rocks overlooking the amphitheatre.


Phaselis Ancient City is located within the borders of Kemer town in Antalya province. Established by the people of Rhodes in the 7th century BC, Phaselis is also an ancient port city. It has a rich history and is crucial for its ruins.


Located in Demre, Simena Ancient City is only accessible by sea and has a very impressive view. The castle is still standing today. The city also has underwater rock tombs. Due to the earthquakes, half of the ancient city is in the water, and half is outside the water.


One of the oldest settlements that belong to the Lycian Union, Patara Ancient City is one of the most important symbols in the history of Turkey. At the archaeological site, you can see dozens of unique historical ruins of the ancient city. Patara, which is included on the UNESCO Tentative List in 2009, is one of the outstanding universal values of Turkey.


The ancient city of Olympos is situated on the sea shore, close to Cirali, on the southern side of Tahtali Mountain. Olympos, which was a member of the Lycian Union, was a maritime trading city. Just like its neighbour Phaselis, it was saved by the Roman Commander Isauricus, after falling in the hands of pirates.


Side is among the best known ancient cities in Turkey. Side was a port in ancient times and its name means pomegranate. The amphitheatre built on colonnaded arches is the biggest in the area. Among the other ruins there are the agora, a gymnasium, the Apollo Temple on the seaside, fountains and the necropolis.


Situated in Serik town of Antalya province, Aspendos impresses visitors with its elegant amphitheatre and other ancient remains. The theatre of Aspendos is one of the most magnificent and well preserved buildings in the world built by the Romans. Near the theatre there is a basilica, an agora and the ruins of Anatolia's longest aqueduct.


Perge, which is located to the east of Antalya, was an important city of Pamphylia. Artifacts from various parts of the ancient city are being exhibited on the road to stadium. Do not forget to see the entrance to the city with its two towers, the colonnaded long road with shops on its two sides and which was once covered with mosaics, the vast agora and public baths.

Antalya's 10 Best Ancient Cities to Visit
Lycian Tomb, Simena, Antalya