10 Best Things to Do in Bergama

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Top 10 Experiences in Bergama

A beautiful historical town, Bergama is only half an hour drive from the city centre of Izmir. We have compiled a list of top 10 recommendations, from the places to see to the activities that you can do.

See the Ancient City of Pergamon

When you get to Bergama the first thing you have to do is visit Pergamon. Some of the most important structures of the ancient city are the library, which was the second biggest library of its time with over 200.000 books and the amphitheatre which was the steepest theatre of its time.

Roam around Kale Neighbourhood

We recommend you to roam around Kale Neighbourhood. It is only a short walk from the acropolis. It is used to be a Greek settlement, now this is a very vibrant area where the locals live.

Taste the Local Food

When you come into the centre of Bergama, you feel a yummy smell in the air coming from the local specialty Bergama Meatballs. Another local speciality that you need to try is Cigirtma. Cigirtma is an eggplant dish with some tomato sauce, garlic and fried peppers on top. Don't forget to taste traditional Tulum Cheese.

Take a Break in Arasta

Arasta is what used to be the mall of old times, and even today it remains an important place of commerce. But it is also a great place to get local. If you come here you will see a lot of locals sitting in the tea houses, playing backgammon, chatting with each other.

Visit Asklepion

Asklepion, which was the second biggest healing centre of its time, was a pioneer in many ways. Hydrotherapy, psychotherapy, physiotherapy and many other things were invented here.

Visit Pergamon Museum

In the museum, you can see the findings from the excavation site of the ancient city of Pergamon. After the Asklepion, this is very interesting place to visit. Because, the symbol of modern medicine is here.

Shop Bergama Carpets

Another must in Bergama is to shop the Bergama carpets. As you know Turkish carpets are quite popular around the world, and Bergama carpets have a very special place.

See the Red Basilica

The Red Basilica, which was built in the 3rd century, was the biggest building around here back then. It was built as a temple for the Egyptian Gods, but later it was also used as a church, a synagogue and a mosque.

Visit Kozak Plateau

Kozak Plateau is a great place to be in nature. It is covered in pine trees which look like green bubbles from above. When you come here you can try the local specialties made from the pine nuts.

Go to nearby Beaches

Make sure to pack your swimsuit on your way to Bergama, because there are some stunning beaches half an hour away from the town centre. The public beaches and nice beach clubs are mostly in Dikili and Bademli. Finally, there is an island called Kalem Island, where the sea is really stunning. If you prefer you can rent a boat to enjoy sea.

Top 10 Experiences in Bergama
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