10 Most Breathtaking Coves

Discover Turkey and fantastic paradise bays


Turkey's 10 Most Beautiful Bays

Waiting to be discovered, the fantastic bays are a great alternative for those who are bored with the beach concept. If you want to enjoy a swimming experience where green meets blue, explore the 10 coves you must visit along the Turkish coast.

Nature, Sea, Sand

Crystal clear sea, vibrant colours, green nature, tranquility and freedom. Close your eyes and imagine that the blue sea waves hit your feet as you walk on the sand.

With its picturesque coves and beaches in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Sea regions, Turkey is a great destination to experience a real summer holiday. Every corner of our country is just like a part from the heaven with its unique beauty. If you think where to spend the summer holiday, take a look at the list of 10 most wonderful bays you need to visit along the coastline of Turkey.

Mediterranean Coast

Adrasan Cove: Located in Kemer, Adrasan Cove is a world famous place where you can admire the clean air, turquoise colour sea and magnificent nature. The bay is a natural paradise in rare beauty where you can see all shades of green and blue. While enjoying the sea in this bay that has a breathtaking panorama of lush mountains, do not forget to visit the historical ruins.

Yaglica Cove: Yaglica Cove, which is one of the places that we can only describe it as perfect, is an ideal spot for those who want snorkeling. You can swim and see various fish species in this bay, which has a crystal clear water. Yaglica Cove is located in Kas town.

Black Sea Coast

Gideros Bay: If you are planning to travel across the Black Sea this summer, you should definitely visit Gideros Bay. You can swim in this bay surrounded by pine, oak and beech trees, and also enjoy the incredible natural beauties. Resembling a lake for its inward structure, Gideros attracts visitors with its quiet and calm environment.

Aegean Coast

Kabak Cove: Located in the Faralya Village of Fethiye, Kabak Cove is a breathtaking cove with its beautiful landscape. It is a place where you can stay alone in the nature, be happy with all the shades of green and blue. Ideal spot for camping, Kabak Cove is also famous for its clean and beautiful sea.

Cati Cove: A little corner of paradise in the Gulf of Gokova, Cati Cove is just like a natural harbour with its calm blue sea. Since it is surrounded by trees, there is no wind and the sea is always available for swimming. In addition, there are many natural walking trails among the pine trees.

Bencik Cove: Bencik Cove, which is a hidden paradise between Datca and Marmaris, is a place that has preserved its cleanliness and naturalness for years. There is a small islet in the middle of the bay. Bencik is one of the frequented spots of many boats and blue voyage yachts in Turkey.

Delikli Cove: One of secret paradises in Cesme, Delikli Cove is a must see place in our country. Offering calm and peaceful environment, the cove is an ideal place for those who want to relax with the unique harmony of white rocks and azure sea.

Kargicak Cove: Kargicak Cove is one of the most beautiful and untouched bays of Bodrum with its crystal clear sea and pleasantly calm atmosphere. The bay offers a unique view with its location where green meets blue. It is an ideal place for the sea, sun and book trilogy.

Sarsala Bay: Dalaman's paradise corner, Sarsala Bay fascinates travelers with its lush green nature, Caretta Caretta turtles, turquoise colour sea and unspoiled beauty. With its peaceful atmosphere and natural beauty, Sarsala is favourite stopping place for blue voyagers. It is also one of the most preferred bays for swimming.

Akvaryum Cove: Located in Bozcaada, Akvaryum Cove is one of the most beautiful bays you can see throughout your life. Thanks to its idyllic water, it feels like you swim in a real aquarium. The bay is an exceptional paradise for those who want to explore the underwater world more closely.

10 Most Beautiful Bays along the Turkish Coast
Delikli Cove, Cesme, Izmir