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10 Reasons to Visit Dilek Peninsula

Discover Aydin, home of Dilek National Park


Wild Beauty of Dilek National Park

Dilek National Park takes your breath away with its wild beauty. This gorgeous corner of the earth is a safe haven for countless species of wildlife. Here is the list of 10 wonderful reasons for travelers to visit Dilek Peninsula and the national park.

Dilek Peninsula

Dilek Peninsula is located between Kusadasi and Soke districts in Aydin province. Still carrying the footsteps of ancient civilizations, captivating people with its beauties and stunning vistas, this peninsula is one of the most delicate parts of Turkey's natural wonder collection.

Open Air Museum

Karina Ancient City: Karina is one of the 12 Ionian ancient cities, located in the south of the Dilek peninsula. You will find the parliament building and other remains of this ancient city.

Olukludere Canyon: Olukludere Canyon is the most important canyon in the national park. Visitors hike on the path where they can be one with nature through the vegetation, streams, waterfalls and overall wonderful landscape of the park.

Doganbey Village: Doganbey Village is located on the southern part of the Dilek National Park and has the unique examples of Greek and Turkish architecture. With its characteristic of being the only settlement on the borders of the national park, the village is just like an open air museum.

Reflection of the Heaven

Crystal Clear Sea: If you want to swim in the crystal clear sea or sunbath on the sandy beaches with your your family. There are 4 azure pristine coves in the national park, named Icmeler, Aydinlik, Kavakliburun and Karasu.

Amazing Wildlife: An amazing wildlife strip is maintained where the Samsun Mountains meet the Aegean Sea near Kusadasi. The park's nature has been virtually untouched since antiquity.

Geological Evolution: Its highest point is at 1237 m and has stood witness to the extraordinary geological evolution the Great Menderes Delta has gone through.

Natural Diversity: The variety of inter dependent ecosystems allowed the national park to have a staggering amount of natural diversity. Dilek National Park is a green and wild paradise.

Last Sanctuary: This is the last sanctuary for plants, birds, mammals and countless marine species to live in complete freedom and safety.

Plant Species: The national park is home to all examples of the Mediterranean scrub biome. Of the 804 plant species 6 are found only in Dilek alone as well as 30 plant species unique to Anatolia.

Bird Species: The park is home to 256 different species of birds. Thousands of migratory birds make the journey each year from different parts of the world to the Dilek National Park.

10 Reasons to Visit Dilek National Park

Dilek National Park, Kusadasi, Aydin