12 Great Things to Do in Kas

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Top 12 Main Attractions in Kas

Located within the boundaries of Antalya province, Kas is a very lovely small town that shouldn't be skipped on your journey along the coastline of Turkey. Here is the list of 12 unforgettable things to do when in Kas.

Swim at Gorgeous Beaches

The beaches of Kas are popular for their unbelievable turquoise blue waters. You can stop the car and swim in every bay you drive past. Of course, you have to see Kaputas Beach, which is one of the most famous beaches near Kas.

Lion Tomb

This famous Lycian pillar tomb measures 8 m in height. The sarcophagus is mounted on a two tiered podium that stands at the end of a busy shopping street.

Doric Tomb

Illuminated at night, the impressive rock tombs above Kas were chiselled out by the Lycians around 5th century BC. The best example is the Doric Tomb, a large, house like chamber, with an interior frieze depicting dancing female figures.

Climb up Antiphellos Theatre

Dating back to the 4th century BC, this well preserved ancient theatre was built without a stage, typical of the early Hellenistic period. There are lovely sea views from the top. The best time to climb up the theatre is at sunset.

Enjoy Shopping

The streets of Kas are gorgeous. The shopping scene of Kas comes alive around dusk, when it is cool enough to browse the colourful wares of the small shops that stay open till after midnight selling unique handmade crafts.


The cistern was cut into the rock some 2500 years ago. Originally designed for water storage, it was later used for preserving olive oil and vegetables.

Hellenistic Temple

Although experts agree that the ruin just off Necipbey Street is that of a Hellenistic temple, little else is known about it. The remnants of its walls consist of massive, neatly shaped blocks.

Go Diving

The ground, rocks and water in Kas are all precious. Home to no fewer than 20 diving clubs, Kas is considered one of the south coast of Turkey's best diving centres. Popular dive sites include wrecks, reefs, underwater caves and canyons.

Hang Out at Kas Marina

The 473 berth Kas Marina lies just outside of the town. With a dry storage capacity of 160 boats, it has service buildings, a yacht club, restaurants and shops. If you want to start the night while enjoying the serene scene of Kas, you can hang out with your friends here.

Take a Boat Trip

Tour boats depart daily for the sunken ruins of Kekova, as do organized sea kayaking tous. There are also regular ferries to the nearby island of Meis.

Visit Harbour Mosque

The Harbour Mosque is perhaps the most interesting of three mosques in Kas. Tourists can view the interior outside prayer times.

Try Paragliding

Paragliding is a popular activity along the coastline of Kas. While you are in Kas, you can see the colourful parachutes in the sky, and try this exciting sport to experience the spectacular views of Kass.

Top 12 Main Attractions in Kas
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