12 Must Do's to Experience Datca

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Top 12 Things to Do in Datca

Datca, which is one of Turkey's most peaceful towns, consists of three parts; Old Datca, New Datca and the coves dotting the Datca Peninsula. Here is a list of 12 must do's to explore Datca and the surrounding areas at any time of the year.

Visit Knidos Ancient City

The most famous landmark of Datca is the ancient city of Knidos. It is a one hour drive from Datca along a winding and scenic road that will make the trip a pleasant adventure. Notable remains include the round temple of Aphrodite, which once contained the world's first free standing statue of a woman, floor mosaics and the amphitheatre overlooking the sea.

Taste the Flavours of Datca

Datca is also famous with its almonds, which have become an important source for local producers. The Datca almond has many varieties, some of which are endemic to the region and cannot be found anywhere else. The most sought-after variety of almond is called nurlu. In addition to almonds, Datca has also become a world class brand in pine honey and thyme honey. You can also buy natural products such as spices, homemade jams and olive oil.

Swim in the Town Centre

In Datca, you can enjoy the luxury of swimming right in the town centre. The beaches of Hastanealti, Kumluk and Taslik are all blue flag certified, situated in the town centre and open to public.

Enjoy the Water Sports

If you want to do more than swimming, Datca is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Surfing is a major activity in the region and there are clubs on the beaches for those who want to learn. The coves dotting the seaside are ideal for surfing, sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Watch the Sunset in Knidos

It is a good idea to wait for the sunset in Knidos; the glow of the sun on these ancient ruins and the breathtaking scenery make a very dramatic setting.

Hang Out at Datca Harbour

This is the most lively place in the centre of Datca because there are many places to hang out at night. You can go to the harbour area and have fun as you wish in cafes, bars and restaurants while watching gulets and privately owned yachts enter and leave the bay.

Explore the Streets of Old Datca

This is a great address to escape from the noise of the cities. If you like places that keep the spirit of the past alive, don't hesitate, add Old Datca to the top of your list of places to visit in Datca.

Discover the Beautiful Coves

Datca has 52 unspoilt coves of various sizes, some of which carry the blue flag. These coves are favourite stops on blue cruises and there are many boat tours which will take you to several of these bay in one day.

Explore the Nature

Datca, which is renowned for its flora and wildlife, has peaceful beaches, plenty of old villages and unspoiled nature. The majority of the 154 species of wild orchid in Turkey are also found in the Datca Peninsula.

Walk along the Path of Love

The Path of Love is a beautiful cobbled shoreside walkway in Datca. You can find a myriad of hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars along the walkway. Each side is full of different trees and flowers like a botanical garden. After spending time on the beaches during the day, if you come here in the evening, you can walk around the stalls where the local people exhibit their works and shop as much as you want.

Shop at Datca Boutiques

If you want to buy local products, you should visit the traditional market which is set up on Saturdays or the boutiques and gift shops in Datca. Decades ago, Datca was a major center of sericulture, the rearing of silkworms for the production of raw silk. You can buy exquisite silk products as this practice has been revived recently.

Walking the Carian Trail

A part of the Carian Trail, Turkey's longest coastal hiking route, passes through Datca. There are 10 sections in total on the Datca Peninsula. You don't have to walk them all. You can choose what you want, walk, and finish wherever you want.

Top 12 Things to Do in Datca
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