16 Great Things to Do near Kaleici

Discover Antalya and enjoy main attractions near Kaleici

16 Main Attractions in Kaleici

Kaleici is the historical core of Antalya city. It is a picture-postcard district of narrow streets and old wooden houses surrounded by the historic city walls. Here are the 16 enjoyable and great things to do near Kaleici, Antalya Old Town.

Kaleici, Antalya Old Town

Antalya offers plenty of things to do for everyone. Kaleici, the heart of Antalya, is one of the most charming landmarks of city. It is surrounded by two fortified walls. From the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman eras to the present day, you can find the layers of history. The historic city centre of Antalya, Kaleici offers everything such as traditional old houses, sweet restaurants, souvenir shops and bars filled during the week.

Hadrian's Gate today stands still in its old glory. The walls of the fortress and towers are surrounding the whole port area. You can get to Hidirilik Tower once you enter Kaleici from Hadrian's Gate and follow Hesapci Street down to the seaside. Near the Panoramic glass elevator viewpoint, you can play or take care of cats who are rescued.

In the shape of half circle, Kaleici is crowned by an amazing yacht harbour. You will be completely satisfied of your strolling in Kaleici with its cobblestone streets, perfectly restored whitewashed and red roofed Ottoman mansions, small tourist attractions, souvenir shops, art galleries, cafes and restaurants.

Tourist Attractions near Kaleici

Let's explore everything you need to know about Kaleici, Antalya Old Town. You can find below the list of 24-hours attractions guide for all visitors.

16 interesting and enjoyable things to see or do near Kaleici;

  • Enter Kaleici district using the historical Hadrian's Gate
  • Traditional architecture is very elegant, get lost in the historic streets
  • Take a boat tour and watch the city landscape from the sea
  • Enjoy the lovely Mermerli Beach to swim
  • It is not very impressive, but see the Clock Tower
  • See the spectacular panoramic view of Antalya from the elevator
  • Walk along the old town harbour
  • Board the submarine in the yacht marina
  • Visit the mosques of Kesik Minaret, Yivli Minaret, Tekeli Mehmed Pasha
  • Taste the special dishes at the restaurants around Kaleici
  • Enjoy the tea and dessert at cozy cafes
  • Explore the valuable works in Suna Inan Kirac Kaleici Museum
  • Walk through the Hidirlik Tower towards the Karaalioglu Park
  • Visit the Glass Terrace then watch the sunset at a nearby cafe
  • End your day in Kecili Park's cafes with harbour views
  • Listen to live music performances or join parties at night
16 Main Attractions in Kaleici
Mermerli Beach, Kaleici, Antalya