2 Water Sports Activities to Enjoy

Discover Mugla and enjoy water sports

Akyaka's Best Water Sports Activities

Akyaka is a small but lovely holiday heaven where the Aegean and the Mediterranean meets. It salutes visitors at the end of the matchless Gulf of Gokova. This place is one of the best options for water sports activities especially kitesurfing and windsurfing.

A Heaven for Summer

Thanks to the advantages of its location and geography, Akyaka offers many sporting alternatives to adventure lovers. You can participate in one of the activities that change with the seasons. Motor vessels, which might harm the wildlife, are not allowed here.

Here is the top 2 inspirational alternative sports ideas to try while you are on holiday in Akyaka, Mugla.

  • Kitesurfing
  • Windsurfing

2 Enjoyable Water Sports

Kitesurfing: 3 km long shallow, sandy beach and steady winds that flow from the west towards the beach for six months facilitate this activity here, while Akyaka provides its guest with the world standards. The kitesurfing schools in Akyaka offer convenient options and conditions for the enthusiasts of this activity.

Akyaka is also an ideal choice for the start of the World Kiteboarding Championships season as it offers warm, clear waters and reliable thermal winds at this time of year.

Windsurfing: The cove being closed to all motor water sports enables a safe area for surfers. The weather from May to November is enjoyable for all levels of windsurfing, while the safest part of the cove is the closed area for beginners.

The windsurfing school majorly focuses on kids’ training. This activity is good to start as of age six.

2 Water Sports Activities to Enjoy in Akyaka
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